WHAT TO WEAR TO A COMPANY RETREAT (If you work from home)


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WHAT TO WEAR TO COMPANY RETREAT (If you work from home)

As someone who’s been working from home for 4 years now, I had the pleasure of not waking up early to prep for the morning and dress up and plan the outfit I’m gonna wear. 

One of the perks of #wfh is that I can work in my pajamas and not care if my hair is messy LOL. Imagine not having to wear a bra at work (ugh-Mazing)

While there are numerous perks of having to work from home, there are also downsides to it, like (of course) working remotely (alone) and not meeting your peers personally, only virtually.

One of the things we and (I) always look forward to is meeting them in person and most of the time, it only happens when there’s a company meeting or retreat or let’s say year-end party. I always make it to a point to plan my outfits ahead of time because on occasions like these, you need to make a good impression especially if you’re gonna be meeting the owners or the bosses. Am I right?


If you’re working from home and would attend an upcoming company retreat or event, I have a few guidelines for you on what to wear and what to take note: 

1 Check the venue

The first thing to know is where it will take place. It is very important to know this as this will help you decide on what things you don’t want to be caught wearing and items you should NOT wear.

eg. We had a 2-day retreat last April and the first day is meeting with the owners. The event is to take place in a hotel conference room. You’d want to look presentable of course so make sure you choose wisely.

2 Check if there’s a dress code

Most likely, there would be a dress code. This will narrow down the outfit choices. I am often appalled by how people try to wear an outfit that’s too far from the dress code, like really? There’s a guideline on what to wear, why deviate? 

eg our company retreat dress code: Business casual attire that is super comfortable. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as we do plan to do some walking and other movements.   

I chose to wear a blazer and pants for that day and opted for sneakers instead of heels. If you do not want sneakers then you may opt for:

1 doll shoes

2 a flat pointed shoes

3 or kitten heels would work as well.

3 What are the activities for the day

The shoes and outfit choice will also be dependent on the activities you’ll be doing. On the dress code stated above, we were advised to wear comfortable shoes. I don’t think wearing stilettos is a good choice unless you’re comfortable walking for a few hours with it then, then go! 😉

eg On our first day, we’re going to meet the owners. We will spend most of the time inside the hotel conference room for the meeting. There’s also a walk in the park session so, having to wear really comfy shoes is a must.

The next day is all about fun games and activities so I opted to wear a more outfit; a top, jeans, and sneakers. 

4 Confidence and the right kind of attitude

This is more abstract but I think this is essential. Company retreat is meant for us to bond and to interact with our colleagues so it’s important to keep a positive energy all throughout the event to make it more meaningful. Remember, we don’t get to see their faces and talk to them in real life so better make it count.

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Will you be attending a company retreat soon? If yes, any additional tips you want to share? Comment down below 😉



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