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Traveling has become a thing for millennials and for a lot of people nowadays. And while we love traveling so much, not everyone can do it whenever they want to because:

1. Due to work schedule

2. Don’t know where to go or how to plan for it

3. Budget constraints

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Before, travelling out of the country for leisure is only for those who are privileged but now, even entry level employees or even students can go on a trip without splurging too much.

I love travelling so much but I know that in order for me to do it, I have to work and save for it. I need to find ways on how to save money for travel. If you’re like me and somewhat struggling on how to find a way to save and budget, then you’re in for a treat.

Today, I’m going to share my tips on how to save money for your travel bucket list:

Plan and write down your yearly bucket list

I have started this a few years ago. I list down the countries I wanted to visit in a year. It helps you to know how much you are going to budget for the travels.

Tip: I start with a destination. Research travel blogs and vlogs and come up with a plan, itinerary, and budget that will align with your funds or expected savings.

Allot budget/travel funds

This has something that has work for me for years especially when I started working as an independent contractor/freelancer. If I have enough budget, I will allot at least a portion of my salary for travel funds. No matter how much you put on it, it’s okay. If you’re tight for the month, you can put remaining money into it.

Of course you need to set aside the non-negotiable (bills, payments etc) first.

Here’s a tip:

Try the 52-week challenge

You can do this even if you are a student. Just put in the remainder of your allowance weekly, it doesn’t have to be big or increasing in amount just get started on saving. This one helped me with my travel funds big time! If you also want to save money for a big purchase, this will also help you. Insert a link here for the 52-week challenge

ways on how to save money for your travelPhoto from https://www.thesimpledollar.com/hacking-the-52-week-money-challenge/

Sign up for newsletters of airlines

Airlines often give promos to their members. Cebu Pacific or AirAsia always have seat sales and you will be notified at least a few days before the date of promo which can give you time to plan and budget your dream travel.

Be a member of accommodation booking services (Agoda, Booking etc.)

This online services always offer the best deals to their members. I love booking in booking.com because they offer instant perks for their members when you are logged in! This is exclusive for members only.

Agoda has a lot of perks too for those who use their mobile app.

Ways On How To Save Money For travel

Be mindful of spending

Now this is a no-brainer but I just have to put this out as well. Last year I became more aware and conscious of my spending habits. And how do I do it? I make a list. A list of my money in and out every single day. This habit has helped me understand my spending pattern, where my money goes and i make adjustments as I see fit. You use a traditional list – pen and notebook or use an app to track your spending.

When it comes to shopping, if I wanted to shop it would be because I need and I really, really like the item or it’s a planned purchase not on impulse. Think about if you want to travel more and money is a factor, then you need to sacrifice some expenditures to give way for your travel funds.

Airline membership cards (fly to gain points)

A lot of airlines give you points when you travel with them all you need is to become a member. Usually there is no fee for being a member so that’s okay, right?

I always book with Cebu Pacific and they offer Get Go membership. You get a card number and a physical card. You will input your number whenever you book a flight and once you get back from your trip, you will get points.

Now, if you have enough points, you can fly using those. Awesome, right?

So you see, that’s not that hard to do. 6 things you can try so you can tick off that travel bucket list! Remember, travel smart so you can travel more!

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