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Who doesn’t love shopping on bazaars? They’re usually cheap and affordable. Also, they are a great place to discover budding online indie stores. If you are into budget shopping, this is the place to be.

While bazaar shopping is fun, exciting, and relaxing (for us girls), we usually tend to make mistakes and end up disappointed as soon we get home and try the outfits again.

The top you purchased doesn’t fit quite right?

Or you already purchased something and you saw a similar one but a lot cheaper? 

Yes, we’ve all been there and it sucks- and it’s okay. We worked so hard in earning the money that we spent so it still important that we get a good deal no matter the price tag. Right?

We gotta be strategic, shop wisely and smartly, even if it’s only in a bazaar shopping setting.


I’ve come up with a list of tips you can follow on your next bazaar shopping adventure. 

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You have a budget and stick to it– It is easy to get caught up with the excitement or overwhelming feeling of happiness when you’re shopping, it’s still advisable to set yourself and your wallet a limit.







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Don’t buy just yet – Make sure to look around the stores first before buying. Most of the time, the venue is big and you would say “but I dont have the time to make rounds!” I know it requires a lot of effort and energy. If you want to save money and buy more items, then you have to do this. The dress you’re eyeing might be sold in some stores nearby for less 20%.






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Look for unique pieces. Most of the online stores sell almost the same items, sometimes the difference is the fabric or the way it was sewn, but sometimes, they are exactly the same. So make sure to check out for those hidden gems.

Quality checkIt might look good from afar but when you take a look at it, you can see that apparently, its not. I am not saying be TOO critical, what I want to point out is that, you’re gonna wanna spend on something that’s worth it. Check how the fabric feels, how it fits, how it was sewn. Try it on if you can.

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Haggle – Of course, his should be one of the things you don’t want to forget doing. ha! Haggle as much as you can. It wouldn’t be painful to try and you might get that bag for a lower price.

Wear comfy clothes – Go for flats or sandals because you’re gonna be walking for 1-2 hours? Depending on how huge the venue is of course. Outfits that you can easily take off when you want to try the that boots or that denim skirt. Wearing a dress is super easy or a shirt and a cotton shorts.



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Bring a big shopping bag – Say you end up buying too many stuff and you have to hold more than 5 plastic or paper bags. Holding those can be tiresome. I suggest a big bag for when you can put all those and you can hold in just one hand. Easy peasy.







Wearing: Alisonbel ph Mesh top, Sunnies Studios sunglasses, Forever 21 denim shorts, Zalora slip ons

Do you also have some pointers to add to the Bazaar shopping guide listed above? Let me know on the comments section below 😉

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