travel coron itineraryCoron’s famous spot. You just have to take a photo of it or with it 

My Coron travel this summer was one of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever had. It’s true, its beauty is unapologetic. It’s enchanting and magical. It’s a piece of paradise every beach bum can enjoy

I’ve been lusting to go to the island for a few years now so when I got the chance to score a cheap flight last year, I didn’t hesitated! I have to go!  It was 9 months before the trip and I have plenty of time to scour the internet for travel blogs to come up with my own itinerary and budget. With the itinerary that I was able to come up with, I spent little over 10k. 10,554php to be exact. It includes everything from airfare, tour, pasalubong, accommodation, transportation, airport transfer and other miscellaneous expenses.  It’s a pretty good deal.

My initial plan was to make it a  budget trip but eventually didn’t do it as my friend and I do not want to sacrifice some other stuff for the sake of “budget travel”. If you think about it 4D 3N for 10,500 php still falls within the economical range though I know you can still lower the expenses if you give away something, say accommodation; stay in a hostel instead of a hotel.[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary 9[/one_half][one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary 4[/one_half]

Beach bumming at Malcapuya Island

travel coron itinerary hidden lagoonBoat docked at Hidden Lagoon

travel coron itinerary 1Waiting for the sunset at Mt. Tapyas

travel coron itinerary 2Baby back ribs for dinner 

travel coron itinerary 25There are a lot of bed and breakfast accommodations in Coron


Pre-trip checklist: The basics

Accommodation – There are hostels but based on the ones that I’ve researched there’s nothing that caught my attention, meaning it did not pass my standards. We opted for a bed and breakfast hotel for a very affordable price. We have 1 queen sized bed and 1 single bed. The room is spacious with a closet, private bathroom, vanity table, towels, and free breakfast. It’s pretty decent and clean for less than 2k per night. 

Tour – DIY or Package? I spent so much time researching for this one and if you are only two, it is best to become a joiner rather than do a DIY. It’s going to be expensive since only two of you will be sharing the cost.

Airport transfer – One of the factors that also contributed to the choice of accommodation was if they offer this option. We don’t want to get hassled and book a van from the airport.

 travel coron itinerary 3Read the that quote on top of the chair lol

“Kaya nga nag Coron para maka move on!” 

travel coron itinerary 12Jump off point. Off to tour we go! 

During-the-trip checklist

Food and places to eat– There aren’t too many best places to eat in Coron but we were lucky to have eaten at two restaurants which were highly recommended. The thing about where to eat was the last thing we considered like an hour before dinner!  haha Thanks to tripadvisor and some travel blogs! “bahala na si batman ang peg” 

Transportation – Tricycles are your best friend in Coron and the drivers are really nice and kind. One trip costs us 20 pesos. Not bad, huh? And also the tricycles in Coron are huge and comfortable unlike the ones here in Manila or the provinces (ya know what I mean)

TIP: book your airport to and from before arrival. One way costs us 150 per pax.

Tours and how and what to choose– This would depend on how long you’re going to stay in Coron. We were only there for 4D and 3N so we chose the 2 most popular, the Island Escapade and Coron Island tour.

How about the Town tour? Seriously, you can do this on your own and hire a tricycle. My friend and I  only went to Mt. Tapyas. If there’s anywhere that you should to go to within the town, it should be this. If you’re a sucker for watching sunsets, you shouldn’t miss this. We didn’t go to Maquinit hot spring anymore though all the tricycle drivers we rode to ask if we have been there already. Pretty sure they’re infested with tourists so nah. We passed. 

travel coron itinerary 16

travel coron itinerary malcapuya 5White sand at its finest

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary kayangan lake 24[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary 23[/one_half_last]

The most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen 

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary 8[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]travel coron itinerary malcapuya 10[/one_half_last]

travel coron itinerary 17Trivia:  Siete Pecados means Seven Deadly Sins

travel coron itinerary 18en route to the Hidden Lagoon

travel coron itinerary 20We had lunch here at Calachuchi beach

travel coron itinerary 21What a way to spend your afternoon

That’s it for the basics, you guys. I will be doing a series of blog posts for the Coron trip in details so watch out! 😉

For now, I will proceed with the Itinerary which covered our whole 4D 3N stay.


Day 1

12:10 pm Departure at NAIA Terminal airport

1:20 pm Arrival at Busuanga airport

1:40 pm Van pick up and departure at the airport to Coron Proper (30-40 minutes travel time)

2:30-2:40pm Arrival at the Hotel, check in, settle down, rest a bit

3:00 pm Merienda at the hotel’s mini restaurant on the first floor

4:00 pm Trek Mt. Tapyas, bought gatorade and water

5:00 pm Photo shoot, sunset watching

5:45 pm Go back to Hotel, freshen up, rest a bit before dinner

6:00 pm Go to Coron Galeri Tours, sign up for the Island Escapade tour for the next day

6:15 pm Dinner at Santino’s Grill

7:30 pm Go back to the hotel, buy water and other essentials for the tour

8:00 pm Rest/Sleep

Day 2

6:00 am wake up

6:30 am Breakfast

7:00 am Get ready for the tour, prepare things to bring

8:00 am go to Coron Galeri tours agency

9:00 am- 5:00 pm Island Escapade tour

5:30 pm Go back to hotel, rest a bit, freshen up and get ready for dinner

6:00 pm Dinner at Altrove Pizzeria

7:00 pm Buy snacks and waters for next day’s tour

8:00 pm Rest/Sleep

Day 3

6:00 am wake up

6:30 am Breakfast

7:00 am Get ready for the tour, prepare things to bring

8:30 am go to Coron Galeri tours agency

9:00 am- 4:00 pm Coron Island tour

4:20 pm Go to wet market, buy pasalubong

5:00 pm Go back to hotel

5:20 pm Dinner at Fika Indulegence

Day 4

5:30 am wake up

6:00 am Breakfast

6:30 am Go to wet market to pick up some pasalubong

7:00 am Go back to hotel, pack up

8:00 am Check out

9:00 am Van pick up from Hotel to the airport

10:00 am Wait for Departure

11:10 am Departure from Busuanga airport

12:30 pm arrival at NAIA Terminal airport

travel coron itinerary 13

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