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Mt. Tapyas offers a bird’s eye view of the island of Coron. You can also experience and watch the sunset which by the way is an amazing experience. It’s a first for me on a mountain so it’s definitely one for the books! If there’s anything that you shouldn’t miss on the town proper tour, this should be it. We didn’t go to any other town tour because we’re not in the mood for it, even the Maquinit hot springs because we think it would be tourist infested and admit it, sometimes you don’t get to enjoy a certain place because it’s too crowded, right?

For someone who loves sunsets, but not trekking or climbing a mountain like I do, Mt. Tapyas is worth the effort. 700 plus steps for a breathtaking view? I’m in!

What’s good is that there’s a concrete staircase, rails, and benches where you can stop and rest a bit.

Now if Mt. Tapyas is on your list, this might help you prepare for it.

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Best time to climb:

Around 4pm

Just in time for sunset and a few minutes to take photo shoots plus

Things to bring/buy before the climb:

1. Bottled water or  Gatorade

Tip: there are vendors at the foot of the mountain where you can buy

2. Camera or any photography gear

3. A small bag for all your stuff

4. Sunblock! A must!





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What to wear:

I honestly didn’t wore an appropriate outfit especially the choice of foot wear haha

Instead of flip flops which has the highest chance of tearing/ripping, it’s better to wear rubber shoes for comfortability.

I wouldn’t recommend a denim shorts either so opt for something with a lightweight cotton for ease of movement

You can always wear anything just make sure you’ll be comfortable

Prepare your body:

You’re going to climb 700 plus steps and it would be challenging if you are not always exercising or working out.


mt. tapyas coron palawan 10One of the best ways to watch the sunset. Mt. Tapyas, Coron 

Wearing: Forever 21 top and denim shorts | Sunnies Studios Sunglasses Winona |

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