There’s a reason why Changi airport is the best airport in the world. No wonder it always finds its way to the number one spot. During my research for my trip last year, I read so many positive reviews and I too, became excited and intrigued to see and experience what  it has to offer to passengers flying in and out.  I never got the opportunity to stroll around last November so, I made sure I will the second time I find myself in Singapore again and boy I did! Staying in Changi airport somewhat feels like you’re not in an airport like you’re in a mall or something close to it, ya know what I mean?

My flight is at 2am and I just got off from doing work on my laptop and I still got 3 hours to spare. Tired from the whole day’s excursion, I dragged my feet to wander off the Terminal 2. My body was insisting for it to rest but I just can’t stop myself from exploring and telling myself I need to make the most of the few hours left in Singapore.

Today, I am sharing my itinerary for my last 3 hours in Singapore. First stop, after checking in, Times Bookstore. I just can’t resist you guys. I was hoping I would find anything to buy that I would not usually see in the shelves back in the Philippines, and you know how elated I was when I saw that lil red book under the Top 50 sign, China Rich girlfriend. I knew it, I JUST HAD TO PICK IT UP and excitedly paid for it.

times bookstore changi airport

changi airport free wifi

changi airportchangi airportI roamed around until I saw the gardens. There were two in the transit lounge area. Not sure if there are more though. Can you actually believe that the second photo is what they call the Enchanted garden and that it’s interactive and when you walk through the wooden floor, you’ll experience “magic”?. Okay, not the magic, magic we see on movies or read on the books haha. When you step on the floor, the flowers will mechanically bloom. Freaking amazing, right?

changi airport

changi airportAnd then it’s time to check out the shops, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just the usual store-hopping and came upon these cute shoes for toddlers.

I then tried to find a place to eat, I am craving for some noodles but the first one I originally chose, did not serve one anymore. Then I start to feel really hungry but then I wanted to explore just a bit. I went on circles trying to find the entertainment deck, it’s on the right side after you pass the immigration. Just walk straight and then you’ll see the sign.

changi airport entertainment deck entertainment deck changi airportI found the gaming room, movie theater, lounge area where you can rest and charge your devices plus the sunflower garden is located there as well.

sunflower garden changi airport

changi airport This is where I slept after my late dinner at Straits Food village

straits food village changi airportThis was only a coincidence when I found the Straits food village. It’s like a foodcourt but instead of lining directly on each stall, you will have to choose and pay on the cashier on the entrance. You will then get you receipt and a number and you’ll have to wait for your number to be displayed on the counter of your choice.

I was battling with myself If I would pick the chicken rice or noodles but since I was extremely hungry at the moment, so rice won haha.

haninanese chicken rice changi airport

I still have some SG coins with me and since I won’t be able to have it changed, I found a 7-eleven near the Straits and tried the flavoured cultured drink and boy I loved it. I wish I should have bought 1 pack though #regrets.

After that, I went back to the Entertainment deck to try to watch a movie, but then I can’t keep my lids open, so sleep for at least an hour and before I know it, my phone alarm was already buzzing and it’s time to board.

It was a sweet trip, Singapore. You always make me sad everytime I board the plane. I look forward to my next kway teow or Hainanese chicken or curry rice one day, hopefully soon x

That ends my SG-MY trip! I hope you all had fun reading and reminiscing with me.

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