taal lake yacht club, talisay Amazing view of the lake while waiting for our companions 

At the top! but not top, top. This view will greet you before you go to the stairs that would to lead to…

sunnies and style taal volcano hikethis!

Taal volcano crater 

It was an early morning that dragged myself out of bed to the shower to get ready for our Taal volcano hike. Super sleepy from the previous day’s work, I fought the urge to go back to sleep. This trip was very spontaneous. Hiking is not my cup of tea, don;t have anything against it though but being a traveller and adventure seeker who cannot stay put, and my first time to try, I agreed to go.

Going to Taal lake yacht club is a mere 30-40 minutes drive from Lipa through startollway-Talisay route. We waited for the others to come and after a few, everyone set off to the foot of the volcano.

We were grouped to 3-4 teams per boat. It was a calm ride and 20 minutes after, we were on the other side. We were then briefed by our tour guide before ascending.

We chose the regular trail by the way, shorter yes, but still worth it for those who are not into hiking. Under the scorching heat of the sun, we made our way through all 14 stations which were not far from each other. You’d imagine my reaction every time I saw a cross haha By the way. our tour guide said that many catholics avail this activity during holy week in remembrance of 14 stations of the cross. This might be a good alternate to Visita Iglesia, right? Why not? 😉

When we reached the last station, we have to climb for I think about 10 minutes or so? Then we were able to see the beauty that is inside the volcano. You know that amazing feeling when you see a certain place in person just like how you see it on postcards or blogs? It felt really good.

I am not a fan of hiking but this experience made me appreciate it more, like you have accomplished something and you will be rewarded by God’s masterpiece. Sweet!

I may not be hiking any time soon but this one is definitely  one for the books! Til our next adventure mother nature.

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