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Introducing the new look for Sunnies&Style 2017!

I’ve been itching to switch to a new design for the blog for the longest time but I cannot seem to find the perfect match. It took me a while to settle for something that I can finally be satisfied with after almost 2 years. To be honest I’ve been struggling to post on my blog on the first few months of this year. I have so many things planned but I just can’t focus on what to do first and finish. I feel like the blog needed a makeover for me to be motivated and inspired to blog again.

Currently, I prefer purchasing pre-made template/themes over full web design customization because they are a bit pricey for me. Maybe in the near future I will go for it but right now, I am contented with what I have right now.

Kotryna Bass Design made this wonderful theme. It’s a graphic and web design company that offers pre-made Blogger and WordPress templates and themes respectively. They also offer blog customization and other online brand related services. 

Back story: I found Kotryna and her blog on Pinterest while searching for a blogging-related topic and I have become a reader and a follower ever since. Her shop offers minimalist designs which I dig. Every now and then, I would visit the site for newly made responsive WordPress themes, lurking and checking out if there’s something new that can align with my brand. 

A week ago, I received an email about their latest summer offer, 50% off on all themes in exchange for a review. I was ecstatic! I didn’t think twice and just jumped right in. It only took me a few minutes to purchase and bam.

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Now here’s an honest review of the site and the services they offer:

Site and the products:

  1. The site was is easy to navigate – When you go to Kotryna Bass Design’s site, https://www.kotrynabassdesign.com/. You can find anything that you’re looking for in an instant.
  2. They offer unique and minimalist but affordable pre-made designs – Even if I got mine for half the price, a 49 USD is still inexpensive. If you’re a newbie blogger, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

PS They also offer blog customization if you want to take your blog to the next level

Experience and service:

1. Buying was EFFORTLESS – You can able to purchase without a hassle. After several minutes, I received the template/theme on my email.

2. FAST installation – I purchased the theme at around 10am and by 1-2 pm, the site is almost ready. I swear, I thought I’d wait for almost a day to see the new do, but no.

3. AMAZING customer service – Kotryna and Tomas were quick to respond to all my inquiries. They were patient in answering all my questions and handling all of my concerns about the blog. I had a problem about a certain issue with the blog (The only minor bump I’ve encountered but Tomas was quick to resolve it) and they have been helpful. They even gave me suggestions and tips! I appreciate that they are willing to go beyond to help their client. Extra points for that!

If you are interested and want to check Kotryna Bass Design, you can visit their site here https://www.kotrynabassdesign.com/ for more info!

Thank you Kotryna and Tomas! 

That’s it! I am so excited for this new look. Hope you guys loved it too! 

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