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I think every woman on the planet should at least own 1- 2 statement blazers. It’s easy to get intimidated or get overwhelmed by bold designs. I get that but you have to know how owning at least one of this can make a difference in your overall outfit? Why?

It’s easy to settle for this one if:

  1. You’re too lazy to think of what to pair with/get creative with your (basic) outfit
  2. You do not have time to prepare and think of what to wear.

It’s very versatile once you think about it and as I’ve said before, don’t get overwhelmed or get worried that it might not look great on you.

Here’s a tip: Pick something that’s in your favorite color/shade so you won’t have to feel and look awkward wearing it.

If you have finally decided to make that purchase, here’s a quick guide for you to follow:

  1. Fit – I cannot stress the importance of this. It should land and fit perfectly on your shoulders. This is the make or break for you. If it doesn’t, then you know what to do, hun
  2. Your height and length– Sometimes blazers can get tricky especially for petite women. Don’t rush into buying. Take your time. This also depends on how you gonna style it with your wardrobe. If you’re going to pair it with mostly skirts or shorts, then getting something that’s a bit longer will do. 
  3. Try it on, wear it, feel it and if it makes you feel good and confident, then it’s the right one.
  4. Color and Design – Pick your favorite color or your go-to color. You’ll feel more at ease if you wear your favorite shade/hue, right?
  5.  Price – If it’s a bit pricey but it ticks all the boxes, then I don’t think you shouldn’t invest in one. This is something you’ll gonna be wearing for a few years or longer so quality is important.

I got this statement blazer from H&M last year while they’re having their end of season Sale and would you believe I got it only for 1,500 Php? I had seen this a few months before that and was on sale but when I went to H&M greenbelt store and it’s still there, I know we’re meant to be. It’s a scene-stealer, right? I have been getting lots of compliments while wearing this and I know I made the right purchase. Look at the details, it’s so classic with its gold and white embroidery.

Do you have a statement blazer already or are you thinking of getting one now? I hope the tips above will help! Comment down below if you purchased one already 😉

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