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I love the beach. I love hanging out and chilling under the sun and swim and float a little but I am not the one to go deeper beyond that appreciation with the likes of underwater diving, may it be scuba or free diving. Not my jam though I admire those who do. Hand’s up to ya’ll!  Anyway, snorkeling is a must whenever you travel to Coron or Palawan. A must. Now, as for me, I wasn’t that keen on doing it, better yet try it. I was more enthusiastic in just beach bumming. Now you ask, the second day of our tour consists of going to lagoons, checking out the marine life which requires a LOT of snorkeling, watcha gonna do, girl? Haha It’s one the things you need to do to enjoy one of the most loved islands in the world. Are you crazy? 

Yeah. I am.

As we waited for other joiners on the trip, I hesitated and asked my friend if we will rent a snorkelling gear. I don’t want to rent two for both of us because again and I am not that interested, so I paid for one only (150 PHP). Little did I know, I would regret doing that. More about that later.


Swimsuit from Triangl | Sunnies from Sunnies Studios

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]snorkeling travel coron sunniesandstyle[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]First stop: CYC beach

A small island with little to do. The boat couldn’t dock near the sand. You have to walk a  bit with your hands raised holding your bag filled with photography equipment because the water level is bust deep.  We started swimming, floating, taking photos and videos just a few meters away from the sandbar until my friend urged me to try snorkeling. I said, “Yes, okay. Let me try”.

First try: Wow, Ang ganda! ang linaw! (The water is clear!)

Second try: OMG, I saw small fishes. They’re beautiful! Let me give it another shot.  There’s nothing much to see because we’re not under deep level.

I proceeded with just floating and gave the snorkeling gear to my friend.

Level of excitement: 5/10

Things to do in CYC beach:

Photo op/film a video for your vlog


Eat Halo halo – Yes there’s a man on a boat selling halo-halo. We’re not in the mood to try that morning but if you want to try, then go ahead and appreciate the view while eating.

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Second stop: Siete Pecados

The magical area where you can watch marine life up close and personal. I intended to just enjoy the scenery and observe the joiners while taking their swim and take photos (ehem for the blog/vlog).

After a while, my friend urged me to try snorkelling again, I was dubious at first because I know how deep the water is. From the boat, I saw a glimpse of the underwater world. I was curious but at the same time, a little nervous. The boat captain seeing me and my friend talk for a few minutes and maybe seeing how both excited and not sure we are to take the plunge, offered to help us. Gosh, he’s a lifesaver and so kind to guide us and make the most of our tour. Alright, we’re in! Let’s go. It was one of the best decisions ever on that trip. The most memorable one, if you ask! 

snorkeling coronContemplating if I would snorkel or not 

snorkeling travel coron 1snorkeling coron 9[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”]snorkeling travel coron 8[/one_half]Kuya Philip then threw a lifesaver tube with a rope where we can hold onto while snorkeling. The first try, I dipped my head into the water while holding a go pro.

WOW! How postcard-beautiful was that? It’s so “purty” out there! Let me take a look again!

My doubts were washed away after seeing the corals and different creatures underwater. I was blown away. I am not exaggerating. Seeing the marine life in action is one of the most amazing things you could ever experience. No one will ever beat nature’s beauty. 

A few seconds later, I realized how deep the water was, I gulp and proceeded with swimming and snorkeling. That scene down there was quite the distraction. A  stunning distraction 

Level of excitement: 10/10

After about 30 minutes or less, we went back to the boat because our legs are tired already. I never thought I would enjoy this tour but I did! It’s one of the highlights of our trip for me.

Have you tried snorkeling in Coron? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

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