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Hi guys! As you all know I went to Singapore last month and I am excited to share everything in a series of posts on the blog, so read on!

Singapore is 3 and half an hour ride from Manila. This trip was so spontaneous that I still cannot believe that it happened! Haha My brother was supposed to go with his assistant but since they don’t have any experience going abroad, they asked me to go with them. Given that it was  two days after my birthday and I have enough travel funds (which was reserved for my trip next year), I said yes and few weeks later, I was in the Lion city!

It’s so surreal and definitely it’s one of the highlights of my 2016. Anyhoo, let me recount day 1:

Flight was delayed for 3 hrs. Can you imagine?. There had been a technical problem with the airplane’s machine whatsoever that we had to transfer to another plane. We were expected to land at around 5pm but things didn’t go as planned. I was looking forward to go to Marina Bay Sands that night but we arrived 8pm, had to go through immigration, then rode a taxi; good thing the queue wasn’t long as we were really exhausted. I have to commend our taxi driver as he is warm and welcoming. I asked for some tips (He told us not to ride cabs in red and blue color as they are the expensive ones- either BMW or Chrysler). Checking in was fast (I made sure that the hostel knew we would check-in late).

The receptionist quickly toured us around the area while making sure we know the rules.

singapore, beary best

This was my first time in a hostel so i made sure I get if not the best, one of the best in Singapore. There are numerous places around the area but Beary best tops all the list and the reviews convinced me it’s one of the most-loved.

We spent 4 days 3 nights here. We were joined by another backpacker- who by the way was quite so we didn’t have any difficulty in warming up on the place. The room was for a group of 9 but we’re only 4-5 there.

Why not in a hotel, you ask? If you’re in a budget (SG is one of the most expensive cities in the world so accommodation can be a bit pricey), hostel or Inns are your best possible choice.

I did not want to shell money on a hotel because I was in to spending my money on top attractions and must-eat places and shopping malls. I only need a decent place that is secure and has a reliable internet connection and Beary Best did not disappoint.

Besides, the hostel is near Chinatown MRT station which means accessible to most of the attractions.

Now, let me tour you around the place. The building has 2 floors. 1st houses the reception at the center, to the right there’s the kitchen and to the left is the one below.

beary best


                                                                               Free breakfast

Wash your own dishes

Free coffee and Milo 

The common bathroom for females. There’s a separate one for the males. 

Inside the “Superstar” room (Each room has a name)

We toured Chinatown and ate dinner before finally going back for tomorrow’s itinerary. 

chinatown, singaporesunnies and style, singapore

Day 1 is done! Stay tuned for more!



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  1. Nice photos 🙂
    Maria V.

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