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The third time I went to Singapore, I was eager on trying out dishes I haven’t tried before. It was always an adventure going to different hawker centres and sample food there. I always try to make a post about the meals I’ve experienced overseas here on the blog because I know how food plays a big part when you’re travelling (you know experience culture thru food and all that) and I want to document here and share it to you guys. So the first order of business is this 1-starred Michelin Hawker, Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle in Chinatown Complex. I was supposed to visit here last 2016 but it was closed at that time. (I read somewhere they also opened a new restaurant in Chinatown as well)

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Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle
78 Smith Street Singapore 059872

Tip: If you want to try any particular restaurant or eating place, you want to check out their opening and closing hours as some might be closed on a specific day/s.

We went there early like before 11 am opening and there was already a queue. See, we have to wait 45 minutes, which is still okay as one can wait up to 2 hours. Damn! We found a table quite far from the stall so we had to leave our mom there and she almost got a panic attack as she’s worried why it took us so long to order LOL. I initially wanted to try the chicken rice but I am a die-hard noodle fan so, my brother ordered the rice and I got the one with the noodles. For a 2 SGD meal, this one’s so worth it and so delish. I am not trying to be a food critic here so I will not say any BIG words, okay lah?  

From what I can remember, the sweet sauce is just perfect when eaten with the noodles. The Chicken is soft, moist and tasty and it tastes even better when you put a small amount of chilli sauce that came with it. If you happen to go to Singapore, I suggest you drop by and have some. You’ll not gonna regret it, I swear. Just come a bit early.

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The Food court in the basement of Lucky Plaza also has some really good food. Do not expect too much of course like will-blew-your-mind-kinda meals. We do not plan to eat here for lunch but we’re so famished and mom wants to rest from all the walking we did in the morning LOL so, we have no choice since we are already inside the mall, we headed down the basement. We found this Chinese stall near the elevator so we decided to try as we do not want to go Fast Food.

I totally forgot the name of the stall but it’s near the elevator as far as I remembered. Of course, I had this noodle and dumplings combo which surprisingly tasted really good. I particularly loved the dumplings. The big shocker was the one that my brother ordered and I half-wished I had it instead.

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The third one we tried was the Nasi Lemak. We do not intend to go to Albert Centre on the last day. We were supposed to eat somewhere else (another 1-starred michelin rwestaurant) but after a long day of shopping at Bugis, feet tired and tummies grumbling, we settled here since it’s only at the back the shopping centre. I had no particular meal in mind since I have not researched much on the recommended stalls to eat there so what we did is to check the ones with long lines and order what the people are ordering.

Its not really that bad though not really good but more on 5-6/10 if I have to score it. I wish it has more nugget and sausage pieces for each meal. If I have to take note, I love the taste and smell of the rice.  I’d like to try more of Malay food when I get back here.

Another one I ordered was this Hokkien Mee. Noodles again, I know but anything with prawns, I’d eat. This probably goes in second after the HK Soya Sauce. We had one big plate for the three of us and we cannot finish it HAHA

Here are some of the runner-ups:

The first and second one was from Food Republic at the basement of Suntec City Mall. The Pad Thai was okay but nothing can still top the one we had at Dianden Leluk (read more here). The other one I cannot remember the name but I just didn’t love it. The soup is just bland and kinda ruined everything. Last one Nasi Lemak from Rasapura Masters.  The chicken is so dry we had a hard time taking the meat off the bones. Que horror.

new dishes tried in singapore 6 food republic suntec new dishes tried in singapore 4 food republicnew dishes tried in singapore 5 rasapura mastersThat’s it for this post! If there’s any dish you might want me to try in Singapore, let me know in the comments section below. I might go back there again this year! 😉


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