Let me say it bluntly, I get a certain feeling of extreme happiness when I am travelling. It’s like I am high or something like that. Not a perfect description, I know but it’s a bit close 😉 Let me just put it like this, I’ve been bitten by a travel bug and I am addicted.

Two weeks ago I went to Singapore (It’s a very spontaneous trip but let’s not talk about that as I have a separate blog posts for that) and the moment I’ve landed back home, I am already thinking of where to go next, what to do, how to plan for the next trip. I just can’t  stay put, dear lord! 😉

During lazy days and times when I am not at work, I would read travel blogs and imagine I’m with the traveller and hoping someday I get to the place too, in person!

I also have this little notebook where I write down tips, places I’d love to go to in case I’d get the chance to go there. I even have a travel fund alloted in my budget and I would also check airlines for seat sales.  (Yup, addicted)

Finally, I have decided to put up a travel bucket list that I hope I can visit one by one in a few years time.

Most of the places/countries listed here are/were inspired by mostly books read and documentary series, movies, tv shows watched or seen on TV.

Let’s start shall we? 😉


  1. Coron, Island- Do I need to say more? Of all the 3 tourist destinations on the most beautiful island in the world, this comes first. Every photos I see on blogs, facebook or instagram are breathtaking!
  2. El nido, island- No further explanation needed. 😉 I’d like to visit Nacpan and snake island here.
  3. Bohol, Tagbilaran – Yes, I’ve never been to this place. Been planning to go for a few years now but always end up choosing Boracay (3 years in a row). Hopefully, I get to visit this year! *fingers crossed*
  4. Batanes, Cagayan valley region – Of course! Who wouldn’t want to see Batanes? I’d like to go on the south tour (Marlboro country, honesty shop, Tayid lighthouse, house of Dakay, Chana view deck, Imnajbu beach and chape, Songson ruins and many more!)


  1. Bangkok, Thailand- Shopping and temple-hopping is what I am excited to do here. I also wanted to check out the Nong Nooch garden (Suddenly it’s magic movie- Hey. Mario Maurer fan here!) in person.
  2. Ho chi minh, Vietnam- Ahh old Saigon. My appreciation and curiosity with the city was after listening to my aunt’s origianl soundtrack of Miss Saigon. I am psyched to see and experience the cu chi tunnels and Mekong delta tour. I am a bit of a history buff, ya know. 
  3. Siem Reap- Cambodia- Ahh the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider filming location. Aside from wanting to tour the Angkor wat, I am looking forward to trying the food (one of them is snackaroo) and delicacies the city has to offer! Read that the food and accommodation is affordable too!
  4. Jeju Island, South Korea- I am in love with the laidback atmosphere the island offers. If I am going on a solo trip, this has got to be the place. It’s a visa-free for Philippine passport holders too! Quite awesome, right?
  5. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Japan- This country is so unique that it’s so obvious that many tourists flock over the 3 cities. I looooooove japanese food especially ramen and sushi, so I always dream of one day being able to try the authentic japanese cuisine hopefully soon! Also, I used to be an anime lover, hence the influence. Fushigi Yuugi, Naruto, Dragon Ball-Z, Card Captor Sakura, Hunter X Hunter, you name it some of the old school/classic animes, I have watched with my brothers. I was also in to J-dorama for a brief period of time (Hello Jun Matsunaga, Hana Yori Dango). See the cherry blossoms in action in Tokyo, Rent a geisha/maiko outfit and roam the streets of Gion, Kyoto and eat my hear out at Donbori, Osaka are few of the things I’d like to do here.
  6. Seoul, South Korea – Nami, Island would be on top of my must-see places here. The culprit: Winter Sonata. Yes, I have a thing for Korean dramas up to know though not as much as addicted like I used to back in college. Can you believe that I printed photos of Nami island and kept it for years until I don’t know where it is by now haha. Seriously, I’d be happy to go to some of the locations were my favourite dramas were shot/filmed. 😉
  7. Taiwan-I read somewhere you’d go gaga over food and shopping here. Taiwan was not in my list before but after reading budget trip blogs, I am sold!
  8. Bali, Indonesia – Being a sun chaser, of course this is included in my list. The villas I kept on seeing on my pinterest are so damn beautiful and picturesque.


  1. London, England- Harry Potter’s country lol I love period movies and documentaries related to royal families or monarchy. As much as I want to visit the famous tourist spots, they would have to wait as I intend to go to the country’s numerous castles first,  Tower of London, Highclere, Chatsworth and Hampton to name a few. Oh and also, King Henry the XIII’s royal houses! I’d go crazy if I am able to visit those! 😉 Wait, there’s more, check out the MI6’s HQ and recruitment places of KGV and MI6 during the cold war. That’d be awseome!
  2. Santorini and Mykonos, Greece- Who wouldn’t able to resist the charm of this country? Top on my list: that famous Santorini sunset and party til dawn  at Mykonos. Aaaaand, because of Descendants of the sun, I’d love to go to Zakynthos island! It’s so beautiful!
  3. Paris, France- C’mon! Waking up with the eiffel tower peaking on your window, grabbing a breakfast at a nearby bakery, lunch at any cafe while enjoying the sun, going to Louvre and immersing myself with some Parisian art and culture plus, checking out Chanel’s flagship store at Rue Cambon 15001 and then buying myself a dessert from a patisserie  after a long day was how I picture my day would be in this wonderful country.
  4. Bern and Geneva, Switzerland- To see the famous Alps is a dream come true! Also, I read a Paolo Coelho book, where the setting is in Geneva, I couldn’t help but to google the places mentioned there and I am was in awe.
  5. Germany- Creepy and geeky as it may sound, I don’t care but I would love to see World War 2 tourist sites in the country. Here’s a background, I love watching world war 2 stories, movies and documentaries (highly influenced by my mom and her sibs). I’d like to check out castles here too like the Reichsburg Cochem and Hohenzollerm to name a few.
  6. Amsterdam and Holland, Netherlands- My interest grew in Amsterdam after watching the fault in our stars (don’t judge! lol). I’d like to bike and roam the streets and take as many photos as much as possible! Holland, because TULIPS!
  7. Rome, Italy- Basically anything and everything related to the Roman empire I’d like to visit, Colosseum, leaning tower of Pisa, tour and attend mass at the Vatican, sistine chapel tours and see the Michelangelo’s masterpieces.
  8. Auckland, New Zealand- Paris might be the city of love, but Auckland is considered the city of many lovers. My auntie lives here and I would love to visit anytime soon and experience the city and its culture.
  9. Australia- The land down under! I have so many friends here and promised them I’d visit haha! I love to see the opera house, Bondi beach, King’s cross in Sydney, go to Melbourne and eat because it is the food capital of the country, and then experience the “Sunday Session” in Perth, lastly go to Gold coast!


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