When it comes to your make up for travel, you have to admit that you do not necessarily have to bring everything with you. As much as we like to bring our faves, we can’t unless you are either:

a. celeb
b. make-up artist
c. or someone who’s just so privileged

and we know that not all of us can be like them, well at least we wish we are LOL

Anyway, if you’re a budget traveler and a light packer just like me, you know you have to be smart in deciding what make-up essentials to bring. But your question is, how do I decide which one to bring?

Okay, it’s easy if you know which items you can’t do without. It still boils down to your preference, this post’s goal is to help you decide which ones to bring and leave behind.

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Things to consider:

1. Minimal

The less, the better and less space to take up. Bring at least 1-2 items so you will still have options.

2. Multifunctional

I love me some stuff that I can use for different purposes. A lipstick can be used as eyeshadow and blush too, right?

3. Travel size

Not every product offer this size, but if one of your faves do so then bring the smaller size. I have this 3 small lipsticks that can fit in my purse for whenever I travel, which is fantastic. Saves a lot of space I tell you.

4. Stick types

These are incredible items to add to your travel make-up kit. There’s BB stick, highlighting stick, eyeshadow stick and many more. Aside from the fact that they save a lot of space, they also do not need a brush to use it since you can use your hands to put it on.

Now let’s get down to the list of products to add to your essential travel make-up kit:

1. Liquid or powder foundation, BB cream/stick

Choose your holy grail for this one. Depending on the weather, I will choose one of these.

2. Concealer

If you’re not a foundation kind of gal, then concealer is definitely your go to, then set this with a translucent powder.

3. Lipstick

If you’re going super minimal, then bring at least 2-3 shades with you that you can play with and use as:

4. Primer

This is definitely a must-have, and even though you wear minimal make-up, you still want to make it intact for the rest of your trip.

5 Travel brushes or sponge

Brushes take too much space, especially if you’re bringing what 7-8 or even 10. Travel brushes tend to have 3-4 only that are also multifunctional.

A sponge can be used when you do your foundation and setting your powder.

6. Eyebrow pencil/pomade or eyebrow gel

Choose between these two: eyebrow gel if you have perfect brows or if you’re not that blessed just like me, I like to settle with either pomade or pencil depending on my mood.

That’s it! You only need 6 things to bring with you, but if you want to be a bit extra then you may add these:

7. Highlighter

Go for the stick so you won’t have to use a brush anymore.

8. Mascara

Depends on the weather and preference. Some just use an eyelash curler, and that’s it. This is good for night outs for sure!

9. Eyeliner

Perfect for night outs and parties too and if you do not use eyeshadow but wants to do something with your eyes then this is your choice.

Do you have additional tips on how to create the essential travel make-up kit? Share with us below!

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