singapore instagramming botanical garden

Every millennial knows how important it is to stay connected online while travelling. Whatever our reasons may be (#humblebrag, update our loved ones, or help us navigate our way through the streets of an unknown soil), access to the internet is one of the top priorities. It’s not just something that’s nice to have anymore. It’s a must.

Last year, I went on a trip to Singapore with the family, I was able to rent a pocket wifi courtesy of Flytpack. For those who are unfamiliar with their service, Flytpack is an overseas wifi rental service. If I am not mistaken they offer rentals to most of the countries around the globe. They offer fast and reliable connection and easy-to-carry portable wifi device that lets you connect to multiple devices at an affordable price! whew!

After landing in Singapore, I went immediately to the pickup  (this is where you will also return it) the gadget at Changi Recommends area. You just need to present the email sent to you after purchasing for checking and verification then you’re all set. No hocus pocus or anything you need to do or set when you get the gadget. press the on/off button and that’s it, you’re connected! 

Using the pocket wifi made it easy for me and the family to navigate and make our way around Singapore. Of course, I’ve been there twice so I am a bit confident to explore the city but most of the places we’ve been to for this trip were also a first for me and for my Insta feed #lol

Every time I leave this country, I always find an excuse to go back because clearly there are a lot of places to explore and hawker centres to eat to when I get back. Singapore, till next time.

For this post, I came up with a series of places, food, and other things that you can experience and also add to your gram or Facebook or whatever social media account that you have. (I am thinking of doing a series of Instagramming #Country/Place posts in the near future, what do you think?)


Instagramming Singapore (2017)

singapore instagrammingBotanical Garden

bunc hostel where to stay singapore instagrammingBunc Hostel at Little India

chjimes singapore what to seeChjimes

Hong Kong Soya sauce singapore instagramming1-star Michelin Hawker

house of tan teng nia singapore

House of Tan Teng Nia Singapore

Little India buildings singapore instagrramingCute coloured-buildings at Little India

Little india wall art singapore instagrammingWall art at Little India

marina baay sands singapore instagrraming

Marina Bay

botanical garden singapore instagrammingBotanical Garden

st andrews cathedral singaporeSt. Andrew’s Cathedral

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