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As a freelancer or online business owner, we often get overwhelmed with tasks every day. We know we have a list of to-do’s but how do we start? More often than not, we do things on impulse or whatever we feel like doing and tend to forget to do the rest until we realize it’s too late and we are already cramming.

Every day is a chaos of all sorts, we’re all over the place and that’s not something you want to keep on doing, right?

Here’s an idea. Instead of having a daily routine, why not create a mindful daily routine. You have to realize that when you’re creating a mindful daily routine, it’s not something you will do if you’re not busy, you have to incorporate it on your daily life. Remember the key word here is “mindful” meaning being aware and being present in the moment while doing it and not just a ticking the box of your to-do list while your mind is wandering somewhere else.

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Having one prepares your mindset and body for what’s about to come for the day. It also increases your productivity and lessens the distraction. You’re more likely to focus on what you need to accomplish within the day.

Effects of having a Daily Mindful Routine


  1. become more productive in terms of finishing tasks whether for my blog or for work
  2. have more energy.
  3. can focus more on things that needed to be done for the day
  4. can finish tasks in a short amount of time and do more instead of wasting time doing nothing.

So how do you create your own mindful daily routine? This post will not tell you what you should and must do, as it will really depend on you but it will guide on how you can create your own set of mindful daily routine and love it. take note, there is no such thing as perfect routine.

Read the guidelines below on how to create a daily mindful routine that you will love:

Reflect YOU

Each one of us is different and we have different lives and personalities. What works for me will not work for you and that’s for sure. It will only work for you if it really reflects how you are, so make sure you make it as YOU as possible.

Allot a specific time

Best time, of course, is in the mornings but depending on your lifestyle it would be a bit different.

I usually set aside at least 1-2 hours daily for this routine. You can do this in one go or you could spread the activities within the day (which I do) especially if you have scheduled work in the morning or in the afternoon.

Make a list

You will decide what things you will do for each day and stick to it. The key here is to do what you LOVE doing so everything will flow naturally. You won’t feel being forced to do something you’re not interested in doing in the first place.

List the things you love to do. Here are some examples (Remember this is a routine outside your work)

You may try to spread the activities throughout the whole day or depending on your preference. I like to spread my routine all throughout the day since I work 6-7 hours for 5 days.

Make room for adjustments

There will always be things we cannot control from happening. We need to learn to accept and adjust our schedule. Pat yourself on the back and focus on what you accomplished vs what you did not.

Were you not able to workout at your designated time? No worries, you can do it for later (If you have an available time) or the next day.

Create That Daily Schedule

You have your work schedule, this mindful daily routine plus your non-negotiables (taking a bath, preparing meals, brushing your teeth)

Create a daily schedule that would serve as your guide with all of this in a planner or your google calendar.

The point here is you can see what your day will look like as a whole. You can still make some changes if you think it’s too much. If you are having a hard time doing your daily chores, you could also add it as well. This will be up to you. This is your schedule and you own it. No one’s gonna judge you.

Once you have created your daily routine, it’s time to start actually doing it. Test it in a week and see what works and what are not. If you feel like you want to change something, then do so. It’s your mindful daily routine anyway!

Hope these easy steps will help you create your own mindful daily routine. Let me know what you came up with in the comments section below.

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