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Our trip to Taiwan has got me excited because it’s the first time I am going to experience winter season tho without the snow, it’s still a first! Jed was the “leader” “tour guide” of the group so I had the pleasure of planning my outfits thoroughly especially in the small details. I started planning for my outfits the first time I went to Singapore (mostly out of the country ones). The trip was on the last days of January to first few days of February. We booked last August 2017 so I had time to plan and prepare.

I pretty much have a strategy on how I curate my travel outfits having done it several times now. I managed to make a system. It’s a bit exhausting yet fun to do, I tell ya!


Pre trip checklist:

Weather and activities: I searched online and found out it’s going to be winter season at the time. Little did we know that it’s going to rain on top of that which was a bummer but oh well. It’s not always going to be bright and shiny. Lesson learned. 

Another thing I consider is the activities for the day. Are we going to be touring around the city or are there any activities that require any special items to wear or bring? 

Pinterest secret board: I so looooove creating secret boards for every trip that I will have and future travels. Of course, bottom line is I have to be realistic; not every pretty little thing I see online would actually look good ON me. So I just find inspiration and pegs there and try to imagine myself wearing it. 

If it’s something that’ll work out, then pin it is! 

how i plan for my travel outfits 3

Closet raid: Once I have my inspo board on, I raid my closet and check if there’s anything that I already have. This is to save time and effort when I go either online or to the mall to shop.

Here’s the fun part:

Store hopping/shopping : Once I already got a feel of what I am want to wear with the weather in consideration, I finally will try to check online first. Online store favorites include Zalora, Mango, Bershka, Stradivarius, and HM. After which, I will then go to the mall to check out the clothes. I do not impulse-buy as much as possible. I’d like to stick to the plan BUT of course, there’s always an exception. If I find something that’s close enough to my inspo board AND it did not look good on me, I ditch it. I try to find something that will work both on my body while making sure it’s weather and culture appropriate.

how i plan for my travel outfits 4

If I am satisfied with the clothes, I will buy it. I don’t buy it in one go because most of the time I need hours to check out the stores and trying almost everything I get my hands on. I buy 1-2 items and make sure I really want it and not because I had no choice.

Curation and Trying on: After I completed the shopping and checklist, I will try to curate everything from the shoes, bag, and accessories to pair it with. Next thing would be trying/wearing the curated clothes and posing in front of the mirror to see how it’ll look and taking a photo for reference.

how i plan travel oufits 5

I save the photos on my phone (Notes on my iPhone) with all the dates I will wear it. This saves time and effort as I do not have to worry on the day itself of what I am going to wear. Now I am ready for the trip!

Add Ons : I try to bring with me an extra outfit/s just in case tho. Gotta have option/s. ALWAYS. I make sure the extras go well with the other items.


Unpacking after checking in on the hotel is one of the things that excites me the most. I will prepare the outfit for the day and then if there are hangers and a cabinet, I will also prepare the rest of the outfits. If there is none (I make sure to bring with me 1 hanger), I will prep the clothes the night before.

Sounds like a lot of effort? I know (at first!) but this works for me and I’ve developed a habit of doing this kind of strategy, so it comes naturally now. Trivial for some but I want to look good whenever I travel and whenever I look good, I feel good.

how i plan for my travel outfits 6

Bershka Top and pants, Adidas sneakers, Topshop beret, SM Parisian bag

how i plan for my travel outfits 7how i plan for my travel outfits 8

Topshop Boots, Mango Tee, Uniqlo fur coat, SM Parisian backpack

how i plan for my travel outfits 9

Bershka jacket, Adidas sneakers, Thrifted jeans, SM Parisian backpack, earrings from a bazaar 

how i plan for my travel outfits 10

Wearing Uniqlo pants, Sweater from Landmark, Topshop boots, Thrifted pants, SM Parisian bag, Hoop earrings from a bazaar 

how i plan for my travel outfits 11how i plan for my travel outfits 12

Wearing HM blazer, EGO Thigh high boots, Bershka Tee, SM Parisian backpack 

That’s how I plan for my travel outfits. How about you? Share on the comments section below 😉


how i plan travel outfits 1

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