I will say this again like a broken record, that if ever you found yourselves in the streets of the Lion city, eating in a hawker centre should be a part of your itinerary. Aside from the fact that they would cost less than or equal to 5 SGD, you’ll somehow understand their culture (part of it) and why Singaporeans love to eat.

Last year, I listed few of the must-try hawker centres in Singapore and while I was able to go to some, last summer when I got back, I decided to continue and pick where I left off. You could imagine my excitement when I was already falling in line waiting for my beef noodles and dumplings. I found myself getting ready for another food coma situation.

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Today, I am going to list down some of the hawker centres I was able to visit. Two from the list are not considered a hawker centre though (One restaurant and the other a fast food) but they are worth mentioning as they became one of the highlights of our makan project during our stay.

So here goes:chinatown complex food centreWe found a well ventilated spot that would give you a view of the Buddha tooth relic temple. Yep, lunch with a view

chinatown food complex food centreJoo chiat beef noodles #02-022 or 02-024 near Teo Chew minced meat noodles 5SGD per bowl, China La mian xiaoo long bao #02-135 steamed dumplings 5 SGD for 10 pcs, Watermelon and strawberry shake 1.6-1.8 SGD each

Chinatown Food complex– Located at Chinatown in north east line. The largest of them all! If you’re not good with navigating then expect to get lost in a sea of hawker stalls. My brother and I were like “Oh man, how’re we going to find the stalls on our list?” Each stall has their own number (#02-134, #02-75 et al.) as your guide. Still, there’s still a chance you’d be overwhelmed especially if it’s your first time so be ready.

Buddha tooth relic temple is just across this place

Here’s what we ordered. Beef  noodles and steamed dumplings. Can you see how many pieces of beef strips are there? It covered the noodles which makes it more worth it given that it’s only 5 SGD. I love the beef but I think the sauce is a bit lacking in taste or it’s just me. I devoured the noodles but wasn’t able to finish it as I was keen on trying those dumplings that definitely did not disappoint which by the way, took me a long time to eat 4 of it until I gave up and forced my brother to finish the last one. haha!


diandin leluk golden mile food complexIt’s in the first floor and you’ll not have a hard time locating it. 

diandin leluk thai restaurantGetting that Thai fix

Char Kway Teow, Pat Thai, Seafood fried rice, Thai iced tea all for 19 SGD

Diandin Leluk – Located at Golden Mile complex along Beach road. This was only a back up if we’re not be able to find the golden mile hawker centre, which is just across the street. I was so disappointed when we found out that Golden mile is closed for renovation so plan B! And we were thankful that it is closed as we are in for a surprise.

To get there, just take the overpass located just in front of Golden mile hawker and you’ll see the entrance right then and there.

Golden Mile Complex is a high-rise commercial and residential building.

It has been a long time since I ate Thai food and Diandin Leluk did not fail as all these three dishes we ordered were the bomb. My brother haven’t tried Thai so I was relieved when he said all three very tasty and delicious. i swear I will go back here and have that fried rice once again. It’s so good I wanna cry. haha

I ordered just the small plate for each and it was more than enough for a single person. Serving is quite big to what we are accustomed here in The Philippines and so we finished every plate in just a matter of minutes and we can’t contain our satisfaction. It was indeed a sumptuous meal!

makansutra glutton's bay Find your spot! 

makansutra glutton's bayAlhambra Padang Satay, Old Satay Club Mee Goreng, Huat huat BBQ chicken wing and Carrot cake, 

Makansutra Glutton’s bayWe will be meeting up with the friends of my brother’s girlfriend that night and to my delight, they told us to have dinner at Makansutra which is on my list. When we got there (after a loooooong walk from Garden’s by the bay) they have already ordered these food. Everything was delicious and tasty especially the carrot cake, BBQ chicken and satay plus the fried rice.  For drinks, we were advised to buy the sugarcane juice and boy it was refreshing after a tiring day. We finished the night with some good ‘ol beer.

Located at Raffles Avenue

tiong bahru hawner centretiong bahru hawker centreTiong Bahru Char Kway Teow #02-11, Tiong Bahru Pau #02-18

Tiong bahru Market – This is actually on top of my list. I even watched Anthony Bourdain’s episode for this one, ha! Well, there’s so much to try but our intestines can only take so much. So my brother and I went for our favourite (Yes, he became addicted as well) Char Kway Teow and the must-try TB Pau and of course, sugarcane juice again! I need to go back here and try all the ones in my list tho. 😉

Chian Chian Xiang Hainanese curry rice at EAT ION ORCHARD B4 (4 SGD and up) –  We couldn’t find the food opera at Ion Orchard only to know it’s also for renovation that’s why we ended up in this fast food chain called EAT. We were walking around B4 and then gave up and found this place to where we’re standing. At the time, I was craving for some rice but I was this close to choosing the wanton noodles but then I changed my mind and tried this curry rice with my brother since he wanted a rice meal. Turns out it was the best decision because this meal was just 4 SGD plus the lemon juice 1 SGD is so yummy that instantly became our favourite dish in our whole SG trip.

Okay, so there might be a more recommended place to have curry rice but this was our first time to try here in Singapore so give me benefit of the doubt, eh? 😉 I am open for suggestions though and I’ll check it out if I get the chance to go back again (hopefully!) next year.

sunnies and style travel singaporeThere you have it! Have you been to SG and tried hawker centres? If so, any you would like to share? Comment below 😉

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