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Palawan, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I think every traveler or beach bum shouldn’t miss this piece of paradise. It’s picturesque alright and sure will captivate every wandering soul. One will never regret exploring the islands has to offer.

There are three islands that you can visit; Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Prinsesa. Last summer, I got a chance to visit the first on the list and it was awe-mazing. Here’s a full rundown of what you can do, eat, where to stay in Coron. 



Casa Coron

A mid-range bed and breakfast hotel. A good place to stay that has all the basic amenities one may need; private bathroom, a closet, a queen-sized AND a single bed. They also provide free breakfast. Not bad considering it’s 1,800 Php per night. The hotel only has several rooms which makes it a good choice especially if you want a peaceful and quiet abode.

Some pointers:

  1. Service was great.
  2. Make sure you have your insect-repellant ready.  In my research, some customers said there’s an issue with mosquitoes but during our stay, we did not have such incident though it pays to be ready so better do it than sorry.
  3. The whole place is clean and well maintained except for the thin sheets on the bed and the weak water flow in the shower (we stayed at the 4th floor btw)
  4. The room is big enough for 2 but can accommodate max of  3
  5. Plus points for the location of the hotel because of it’s proximity to almost everything. Mini grocery store, pharmacy, bakery, Travel tours agencies, and restaurants. They are just walking distance from the property.

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There aren’t many places to eat in Coron that’s worth raving about. Most of the restaurants serve the usual; seafood, grill, lutong bahay etc based on my research. I couldn’t find any place to put in my itinerary while researching a few weeks back so we relied heavily on Tripadvisor.

Sometimes, not having a planned itinerary can be one of the best things that can happen. It’s a bit of a risk, I know but it sure is rewarding when you find something that would definitely be a bang for your buck. A hit and miss but it’s all part of traveling, ain’t it?

Santino’s Grill – First dinner for the night! I have read about this on the CebPac magazine on our flight that morning and took a mental note of it but didn’t decide to chose until the last minute. The restaurant is a 15-20 minute tricycle ride from Casa Coron and we only paid 20 php.

The overall look of the place gives an old school typical Filipino restaurant design – wooden tables, windows etc.

What we ordered: Back Back Ribs. Just order a half slab! It’s more than enough for two and I think it’s good for up to 3 or 4 if you have a small appetite. For the meal, you get a java rice and a drink. I wish I had some space left in my stomach to fit half of it. It was so good and tasty!

Other reco: Pair the meal with a bottle of beer and chicharong bulaklak to cap the night off.

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Altrove Coron – We had our Italian cuisine fix on this restaurant. We are a lover of brick oven pizza so we chose this. We waited a bit because the restaurant was packed. That’s an indication of a must-try place. Good thing the group who is in line before we dcided to leave. It looks like it’s a house-turned-restaurant basing from the look of it. It has two floors; below is where they bake the pizza and on top, the dining area. In our case, we werinon the area that’s on top of the oven and you have to take off your shoes so we kind of felt the heat from underneath. 

What we ordered: Brick Oven pizza. It’s worth 300-350 Php and is good for two. Who doesn’t love brick oven pizzas? I am sure we do!

We also ordered an anti-pasta; Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Ugh so good. We weren’t able to try the pasta anymore as we’re still full. 

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Fika Indulgence – We picked this cafe because the one on our list has closed. The cafe is a few minutes away from where we’re staying but we’re kind of tired so we rode a tricycle instead. The walls are decorated with mini canvass with travel quotes. They also have couches inside plus the cafe is air conditioned. Overall the place is cozy and perfect to end the day.

What to order: Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s not mind-blowingly delicious but it’s tasty and serving is bigger than the usual. I ordered the pancakes with egg and bacon. Pancakes aren’t that good, to be honest; it’s dry and doesn’t have a taste that I ended up eating the eggs and bacon only.

Other reco: Any coffee; espresso or iced. I had the Mokakiato.

fika indulgence coron philippines

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Coron, Palawan did not disappoint. I’d still love to go back in the near future but only after I visit the other two islands; El Nido and Puerto Princesa. In the meantime, I will just go back to the hundred or so photos I’ve taken and reminisce all the happy memories I had on the island. Until next time! 

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