Super king size duvets are one of the widest and largest duvets. They are big enough to share with your family without playing a tug and war of getting the duvet to cover yourself.

A few confuse the super king size duvet and comforters as both perform the same function and have the same construction but seen thoroughly duvets are much more different than the comforters. Which leads to a wrong purchase when you go shopping for a new super king duvet. In this article, we’ll list up a few basic things to help you buy the high quality and appropriate duvet for your super king bedding bed.

Know that duvet and comforter are different

As stated earlier a few people confuse between the duvets and comforters. So, it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge about both so that you can determine yourself either it’s a comforter or a duvet. 

Duvets are filled bags of down, feather, silk, or any synthetic material. They are warmers, softer, and fluffier than the comforters. Duvets are often light in weight but when compared they are heavier than the comforters. Also, duvets are a bit tricky when it comes to maintenance and require dry-cleaning only which is why they are covered with a duvet cover. 

On the contrary, comforters tend to be flat & thinner than the duvets. They are light in weight and less warm.

They are not layered with the blankets or covered with a cover, unlike the duvets. They come in a comparatively large variety of colours, designs, and fabric materials which makes the comforters more versatile and functional. Moreover, comforters offer an easy personalization of the bedroom.

 Size of the duvet

 Super king beds are quite big, therefore a king size or queen size duvet does not work. Only super king size duvet goes well with the super king bed.

It is not enough to only look at your bed while leaving for shopping the duvet, having the precise measurements of the bed is necessary. A standard super king size duvet comes 102×86 inches2.  Try to buy the 102×86 inches2 for your super king bed, if you find a duvet larger than 102×86 inchesopt for it but never go a smaller size if you want to make the right bedding and enjoy the maximum benefits of it.

Choose the weight wisely

Before going to the weight of the duvet, remember that the weight has nothing to do with the warmth or thermal insulation of the duvet.

Weight of the duvet refers to the pressure you are likely to feel on your body when the duvet is on. The weight of the duvets is measured in KGs and varies with the age group and sleeping habit of the user. A standard super king size duvet must weigh between 5.7 to 6lbs.

Determine which tog rating you need?

Tog rating refers to the thermal insulation of the duvets or to put it simply it refers to the amount of warmth the duvets will likely provide. Tog rating is measured on the tog scale which has values from 1.5 to 15.

As per the basic rule, the tog rating should vary with the age group, sleeping habit, and the climatic conditions of one’s area. 4.5 to 7.5 refers to the summer, 7.5 to 10.5 refers to the fall, 10.5-13.5 refers to the winter, and 13.5-15 refers to the extra warm winter duvets. Note that, if you are a cold sleeper opt for a more tog rated duvet, on the contrary for king and warm sleeper a low tog rated duvet is recommended.

Padding material

The inner layer of the duvet contains a filling or padding material which is sometimes referred to as the duvet insert. Padding materials can be natural or synthetic, natural padding materials are feathers, down, silk, and cotton whereas synthetic padding materials include microfiber, poly fibres, and polyester.

Sunnies and Style Natural fillings are good thermal insulators, soft, fluffier, and more expensive on the contrary synthetic filling materials are softer, smoother, durable, skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, affordable and breathable. Due to the exceptional benefits and low manufacturing cost, synthetic duvets are readily available.

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