When it comes to buying a bedspread, the comfort and convenience both matter the most, and forget not to mention the durability of the bedspread also counts. If you are looking for the best material type of bedspreads then keep reading this article. Get to know which one would be the best for you: cotton, plush, fleece or sateen, or simpy, velvet bedspreads? 

What is the Best Material for Bedspreads?

About the material quality of bedspreads, take account of the fact that these come in a diverse variety. Different types of bedspreads are available, and so do their material types. Well, Cotton, silk, down, fleece, plush, sateen are some of the materials used to fashion bedspreads. 

As far as the quilted bedspreads are concerned, Percal, Flannel, Plush, Tartan, and Fleece are the most common types of materials used in the construction of duvets. Whereas comforters, Cotton, Plush, Sateen, Percale, Silk, and Bamboo are the most common material types. 

Now, we would like to center our attention on velvet bedspreads that come up with an interesting story. Wanna know? Then keep reading. 

Before going ahead to know about the pros and cons of buying velvet bedspreads, we would like you to take account of some common yet interesting facts about velvet. 

Common Factors About Velvet Fabric

  • Velvet is a weave not a material type
  • It can be fashioned from any fiber such as cotton, silk and linen
  • Nowadays, velvet is weaved using different types of materials such as the blend of cotton and viscose fashions soft, silky, and breathable velvet. 
  • Velvet made up of natural fibers is more reliable
  • It turns out to be extra warm, and hot when the entire bedding is made up of velvet

Now, let’s move to find out how useful a velvet bedspread can be.

Why Should You Buy Velvet Bedspreads?

Velvet bedlinen is known to be quite classy yet luxurious. So, when it comes to buying a velvet bedspread then you should be wary of the fact that the warmth, softness, and comfort of velvet are fancy enough. 

Anyhow, the velvet weaved bedspreads offer an intense range of coziness as exactly one desire. Verily, the velvet bedspreads make a great choice in winters when all you need is to keep yourself warm, and comfortable while laying in the bed. 

Moreover, along with the coziness, the velvet bedspread adds a lot to the elegance, and style of the bedding. The more the bedding looks splendid, the more the room appears to be classy. 

Now, you must be thinking about how come you can find the best velvet bedspread. Keep reading to know-how. 

What Should You Look For When Buying Velvet Bedspreads?

The very first thing that you should keep in mind while buying a velvet bedspread is that the velvet made up from natural fibers are more reliable, and authentic ad compared to synthetic velvets. Such as the velvet fashioned from polyester microfibers is just a replica that fails to provide the warmth, and durability of natural velvet. 

So, look for the velvet that is fashioned from natural fibers such as cotton. It would be more useful, and reliable if you look for velvet bedspreads that are fashioned using a blend of natural fibers. 

A remarkable example of such blends is cotton and viscose. The breathable and temperature regulating qualities of both cotton and viscose make them best for weaving a velvet that doesn’t overheat. Moreover, the cotton is lightweight, and the viscose is highly durable. 

So, in short, altogether, the cotton, and viscose give in the best velvet material for the fabrication of the coziest yet lightweight, and enduring bedspreads. Likewise, there’s a wide range of fiber blends that are used to fashion high-quality velvet bedspreads. 

Bottom Line

When buying a velvet bedspread, opt for one that is fashioned from natural fibers. Where the natural velvet is cozy and plushy, there it also prevents overheating. Moreover, along with being classy, and luxurious, it is also enduring and lightweight. Precisely, the velvet bedspreads offer a great deal of warmth, comfort, and style to the bedding. Either you choose a duvet or comforter made up of velvet, keep in view that the velvet bedspreads suit the best in winters. 

We spend one-third of our life in the bed which means bed plays a major part in our life therefore it needs to be soft and comfortable enough.

Therefore, man has been struggling for centuries to make the beds bigger and wider to relax comfortably on them. Super king beds are the second widest and spacious beds known to men.

They are no doubt the best place to relax but the condition of the bed depends greatly on the bedding linen. Therefore you need to go for a high-quality super king bedding for a happier and active wake up. 

When it comes to buying the super king bedding it becomes a bit challenging because not many online stores and retailers offer them & you eventually reach to a compromising level. In this article, we’ll describe some basics to help you figure out which super king bedding will meet the standard of your super king bed. 

The first thing you should consider is the size of the super king bedding. Note that the Average size of super king duvet is 260x220cm2 & for the flat sheet is 305x275cm2

Choose the right pillows and duvets 

Before buying the super king bedding, determine your budget and figure out which bedding set you’re likely to buy.

Pillows, duvets, & fitted sheets are the necessary elements for making the bed. Pillows remain the same and do not require replacement with the changing season.

Pillows also come in the various filling, the choice of pillow depends on your preferences. Pillows must be soft, fluffy, and light. They should also be made from a skin-friendly material and promote breathing.

 On the other hand, bedding sheets and duvets need consideration. Duvets are chosen on the bases of tog rating, where tog rating is the thermal insulation of the duvet. Prefer 2.5 to 4.5 for summer, 4.5 to 7.5 for fall, and 7.5 to 10.5 for the winter duvets.

Fall duvets can be used throughout the season, you can also button up 2 summer duvets together to get the warmth of the winter duvets. Consider the duvet construction, there come two stitching styles including the box and baffle stitching style.

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Baffle walls create fluffy and thermally insulated duvets whereas the box styles tend to make the duvets thin, airy and breathable. 

Pay attention to the thread count

Thread count refers to the total thread woven in a square inch of fabric. Thread count indicates the fineness and quality of the bedding. Usually, the thread count for super king bedding varies from 300 to 800. Note that the higher the thread count the softer and durable the bedding will be.

Also, a higher thread count refers to the density of the bedding set as well. Usually dense and higher thread count bedding sets last longer and offer more comfort.

Now when retailers also know this, they may try to deceive you by telling you a thread count of 800 to 1000+ just to make a profit. Do not fall for such tactics instead if you find yourself in such a dilemma , count the thread personally before paying for the bedding set.

Choose the fabric material wisely

Super king bedding comes in many fabric materials including cotton, linen, silk, jacquard, and polyester. Natural materials are breathable and maintain the body’s temperature.

They also prove to be moisture-absorbing resulting in tight and comfortable sleep. Moreover, if you have oily hair or you sleep with moisture on the face cotton and linen beddings are not recommended as they are absorbent and will tend to dry your skin by absorbing the moisture of your face.

Silk beddings can be considered for this, they have a silky soft texture which helps to improve the skin by retaining the moisture on the face. Note that linen beddings tend to get wrinkled soon which can lead to an uncomfortable and messy bed.

Pay attention to the Dyes 

As bedding sets are always on the bed and come directly in contact with the body. They must have strong and reliable dyes that do not fade away with excess use or frequent washes. Go for those bedding sets that are dyed during the manufacturing process as it helps to retain the dyes in fibres strongly making the fading unlikely.