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Get on fully prepared eyelet curtains if you are searching for some modern curtain designs to upgrade the current curtains or purchase a new set. They establish a modern and trendy feel and develop a vintage vibe without effort. 

Without worrying about your expenditure, their industrial, sparkling appearance resulted in the fashion of a skilled window. Eyelet curtains include metal clasps at the end, as their title implies, which have been used to place them on the rail or string. 

Eyelet Curtains

They, thus, are also known as ring edge curtains. These metal decorative stitching are placed at an equal distance from each other and, with broad and fluffy uniformly folded lapels, produce a neat finishing touch. 

The main advantages of having them include whether they do not need a ton of material content to produce fullness and are easy to mount, lock, and unlock.

The metallic rings at the top slide quickly to the rod, allowing you to easily change the curtains, which is very helpful relative to other captions. Since other heading types, such as pencil clasp or pinch clasp, are fixed in their position and do not enable one to fully open the column. 

They are easily available because of their awesome advantages and broad use, so one can easily purchase them. But because of the wide variety of fabric materials, color schemes, and designs accessible, the buying process can be a little daunting and confusing. 

A fast purchasing guide is provided below to help you make a simple and smart idea. Continue to read to find out…

Know the purpose of curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Curtains are no longer designed to shield the interior spaces from observers but to add an elegant touch and creatively style up the walls. 

A few people use them to isolate their sleeping area from most of the place or dressing room, and others use them to conceal or block out light from their old windows. So, decide their intent and necessity before purchasing. Ask a couple of questions yourself; 

  1. Would you like full darkness, or do you want the sun with its light to occupy your place? 
  2. To establish a special architectural appearance or just to conceal the windows, would you like to install them? 
  3. Do you have to turn on the lights very frequently? Where this way do you find your windows? 
  4. Have you got animals & children? & Where would you like to place them?

Measuring Curtain Length

You must ask these questions before calculating the length of your curtains: where would you like your curtains to drop? Would you want them to collapse on the sill of the window, under the ledge of the window, or on the floor? 

If you want to complete your curtains over your window ledge, you must weigh 1cm – 1.5cm above the ledge for them to end. 

They can end 15-20cm well below the ledge if you want your curtains to end just below the windowsill. They would have to end 1 cm – 1.5 cm above the floor if you want your curtains to be low cut in order not to produce a wear impact at the base of the curtain.

How  To Hang Your New Curtains

You will want to place them to finish the living area now you’ve got the exact methods and bought your curtains. Here is a nice solution to how to install your curtains based on the theme you have selected.

Eyelet Curtains

Keeping the curtain against you with the head of the cloth, pull the very first eyelet apart from you and loop the eyelet onto the handle of the curtain. You should put the whole first eyelet around the outside side of the column bracket when you close the door. 

Eyelet Curtains

At the bottom of the curtain handle, this will protect the exterior side of the curtain. Stretch the curtains’ eyelets in a concertina pattern towards each other and backward from you until the whole curtain has been connected to the handrail. 

With the next curtain, repeat this step once more.


Thanks to the inversion of cloth, which passes in uniform rows from start to finish, eyelet curtains are very trendy and build a spectacular aspect of a window. Eyelet curtains often attach from a column that is woven through rings made of metal.

From reel to real, crushed velvet curtains have always been incredible. They always look hot and inject a polished sleek and glamour to the place. Crushed velvet curtains are ideal for the contemporary formal as well as casual feel.

They also add a classic touch and bring back the old classic mid-centuries look. Another reason for their popularity is that crushed velvet is a piece of upholstery fabric and works well on sofas, chairs, and wall decor.

Sophisticated metallic lustre, bling and characteristic sparkle are the essences of crushed velvet curtains. They look well everywhere & the key is not to overdo with their hues and layers. It’s always the best choice to treat your windows with them as crushed velvet curtains win against every interior. The added texture and beautiful drape of curtains make windows a focal point of the place.

 What Makes The Crushed Velvet Curtains Trending?

You Can Never Go Wrong

Although crushed velvet curtains are heavy, gaudy, and difficult to maintain. They blend instantly with the interior complementing each feature and adding more to their beauty.

The colour scheme and glitter makes the curtains look richer and emphasize on the drape. They come in various arrays offering you create a minimalist and simple look. The plus point of using crushed velvet curtains is that you can never go wrong with them.

Crushed Velvet Curtains Add Mystery

If you are a mysterious person and love the dark and mystery things, crushed velvet curtains are the best go-to.

They add a mystery as well as a seducing touch bringing richness and a magnetic appeal. They look so good in the dark because of their property of refracting light at various angles creating a stunning radiant look. The smooth and thick pile adds more to the mystery and prevents the Flat and matt look. 

Crushed Velvet Curtains Add Drama 

Heavy and thick crushed velvet curtains fall so many people in love which contributes to their popularity. They add a stylish, bold, and regal touch to the place where they hang.

The bold hues bring a dramatic and contrasting touch to your place by blocking light and creating a blackout. They create an opulent feel and add style to every inch of your place.  Adding crushed velvet cushions, armchairs, and sofas can inject warmth and statement texture.

How to make the crushed velvet curtains last longer?

As stated above the crushed velvet curtains bring you elegant and bold feel making your interior look expensive and royal. They are heavy and piled which makes the maintenance process a bit tricky sometimes. Here’s how you can maintain the texture of your curtains and enhance their life. 

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Prefers rod to open the curtains

Crushed velvet curtains have a soft and thick pile which is likely to bruise with excessive hand touch that is why opt for a rod for opening the curtains.

Hand touch will lead to ruin the texture leaving the handprints on the curtains. Using a rod will help you prevent the handprints and allow you to open or close the curtains anytime easily without any hesitation.

Cleaning crushed velvet curtains

Curtains have a soft and thick pile which makes the domestic washing unlikely. A few velvet curtains are okay to wash by hand using a mild soap or detergent, lukewarm water, and slow air drying.

Mostly, dry cleaning is recommended for the velvet curtains as it retains the soft texture and cleans the curtains thoroughly. Washing velvet curtains once or twice a year is enough depending upon how and where you use them?

Maintaining crushed velvet curtains

For daily maintenance, you should use a soft and gentle brush or vacuum. Always brush or vacuum in the direction of the pile to retain its texture and avoid the flat look.

There happens to be any stain using a damp cloth and dishwashing powder to clean the stain. Always clean the stained area carefully, get rid of all the powder or soap residue with the help of the damp cloth.

Use water if the residue doesn’t go. Before cleaning the stain, test on one of the corners of the curtains. If everything seems fine, clean the stain with the following method.

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Super king size duvets are one of the widest and largest duvets. They are big enough to share with your family without playing a tug and war of getting the duvet to cover yourself.

A few confuse the super king size duvet and comforters as both perform the same function and have the same construction but seen thoroughly duvets are much more different than the comforters. Which leads to a wrong purchase when you go shopping for a new super king duvet. In this article, we’ll list up a few basic things to help you buy the high quality and appropriate duvet for your super king bedding bed.

Know that duvet and comforter are different

As stated earlier a few people confuse between the duvets and comforters. So, it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge about both so that you can determine yourself either it’s a comforter or a duvet. 

Duvets are filled bags of down, feather, silk, or any synthetic material. They are warmers, softer, and fluffier than the comforters. Duvets are often light in weight but when compared they are heavier than the comforters. Also, duvets are a bit tricky when it comes to maintenance and require dry-cleaning only which is why they are covered with a duvet cover. 

On the contrary, comforters tend to be flat & thinner than the duvets. They are light in weight and less warm.

They are not layered with the blankets or covered with a cover, unlike the duvets. They come in a comparatively large variety of colours, designs, and fabric materials which makes the comforters more versatile and functional. Moreover, comforters offer an easy personalization of the bedroom.

 Size of the duvet

 Super king beds are quite big, therefore a king size or queen size duvet does not work. Only super king size duvet goes well with the super king bed.

It is not enough to only look at your bed while leaving for shopping the duvet, having the precise measurements of the bed is necessary. A standard super king size duvet comes 102×86 inches2.  Try to buy the 102×86 inches2 for your super king bed, if you find a duvet larger than 102×86 inchesopt for it but never go a smaller size if you want to make the right bedding and enjoy the maximum benefits of it.

Choose the weight wisely

Before going to the weight of the duvet, remember that the weight has nothing to do with the warmth or thermal insulation of the duvet.

Weight of the duvet refers to the pressure you are likely to feel on your body when the duvet is on. The weight of the duvets is measured in KGs and varies with the age group and sleeping habit of the user. A standard super king size duvet must weigh between 5.7 to 6lbs.

Determine which tog rating you need?

Tog rating refers to the thermal insulation of the duvets or to put it simply it refers to the amount of warmth the duvets will likely provide. Tog rating is measured on the tog scale which has values from 1.5 to 15.

As per the basic rule, the tog rating should vary with the age group, sleeping habit, and the climatic conditions of one’s area. 4.5 to 7.5 refers to the summer, 7.5 to 10.5 refers to the fall, 10.5-13.5 refers to the winter, and 13.5-15 refers to the extra warm winter duvets. Note that, if you are a cold sleeper opt for a more tog rated duvet, on the contrary for king and warm sleeper a low tog rated duvet is recommended.

Padding material

The inner layer of the duvet contains a filling or padding material which is sometimes referred to as the duvet insert. Padding materials can be natural or synthetic, natural padding materials are feathers, down, silk, and cotton whereas synthetic padding materials include microfiber, poly fibres, and polyester.

Sunnies and Style Natural fillings are good thermal insulators, soft, fluffier, and more expensive on the contrary synthetic filling materials are softer, smoother, durable, skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, affordable and breathable. Due to the exceptional benefits and low manufacturing cost, synthetic duvets are readily available.

We spend one-third of our life in the bed which means bed plays a major part in our life therefore it needs to be soft and comfortable enough.

Therefore, man has been struggling for centuries to make the beds bigger and wider to relax comfortably on them. Super king beds are the second widest and spacious beds known to men.

They are no doubt the best place to relax but the condition of the bed depends greatly on the bedding linen. Therefore you need to go for a high-quality super king bedding for a happier and active wake up. 

When it comes to buying the super king bedding it becomes a bit challenging because not many online stores and retailers offer them & you eventually reach to a compromising level. In this article, we’ll describe some basics to help you figure out which super king bedding will meet the standard of your super king bed. 

The first thing you should consider is the size of the super king bedding. Note that the Average size of super king duvet is 260x220cm2 & for the flat sheet is 305x275cm2

Choose the right pillows and duvets 

Before buying the super king bedding, determine your budget and figure out which bedding set you’re likely to buy.

Pillows, duvets, & fitted sheets are the necessary elements for making the bed. Pillows remain the same and do not require replacement with the changing season.

Pillows also come in the various filling, the choice of pillow depends on your preferences. Pillows must be soft, fluffy, and light. They should also be made from a skin-friendly material and promote breathing.

 On the other hand, bedding sheets and duvets need consideration. Duvets are chosen on the bases of tog rating, where tog rating is the thermal insulation of the duvet. Prefer 2.5 to 4.5 for summer, 4.5 to 7.5 for fall, and 7.5 to 10.5 for the winter duvets.

Fall duvets can be used throughout the season, you can also button up 2 summer duvets together to get the warmth of the winter duvets. Consider the duvet construction, there come two stitching styles including the box and baffle stitching style.

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Baffle walls create fluffy and thermally insulated duvets whereas the box styles tend to make the duvets thin, airy and breathable. 

Pay attention to the thread count

Thread count refers to the total thread woven in a square inch of fabric. Thread count indicates the fineness and quality of the bedding. Usually, the thread count for super king bedding varies from 300 to 800. Note that the higher the thread count the softer and durable the bedding will be.

Also, a higher thread count refers to the density of the bedding set as well. Usually dense and higher thread count bedding sets last longer and offer more comfort.

Now when retailers also know this, they may try to deceive you by telling you a thread count of 800 to 1000+ just to make a profit. Do not fall for such tactics instead if you find yourself in such a dilemma , count the thread personally before paying for the bedding set.

Choose the fabric material wisely

Super king bedding comes in many fabric materials including cotton, linen, silk, jacquard, and polyester. Natural materials are breathable and maintain the body’s temperature.

They also prove to be moisture-absorbing resulting in tight and comfortable sleep. Moreover, if you have oily hair or you sleep with moisture on the face cotton and linen beddings are not recommended as they are absorbent and will tend to dry your skin by absorbing the moisture of your face.

Silk beddings can be considered for this, they have a silky soft texture which helps to improve the skin by retaining the moisture on the face. Note that linen beddings tend to get wrinkled soon which can lead to an uncomfortable and messy bed.

Pay attention to the Dyes 

As bedding sets are always on the bed and come directly in contact with the body. They must have strong and reliable dyes that do not fade away with excess use or frequent washes. Go for those bedding sets that are dyed during the manufacturing process as it helps to retain the dyes in fibres strongly making the fading unlikely.