I am excited to be sharing to ya’ll my Singapore 2016 travel diaries. My number 1 goal in this trip was to MAKAN, meaning to EAT. Yes, no kidding. Singapore has captured my heart last year because of their diverse cuisine. Definitely one of the countries who offer delectable food for everyone’s taste.

First thing I am going to talk about is the neighbourhood  where my brother and I Stayed. Originally I wanted to stay in Chinatown again but scratched it off and found some place near Downtown line. Though it is still situated along Northeast line, Farrer park is the perfect place if you want a quiet and chill neighbourhood.

le toile cafe singaporeLe Toile Cafe Bar and Restaurant

I’ve been to the major tourist-y places last year so I am focused on the restaurants and areas that are left on my checklist plus I am on the hunt to check out some cafes as they are quiet ubiquitous in Singapore. On my last day, I planned to check out the cafes nearby the hostel we’re staying. I have 4 on my list that day, but I was able to go to 3 due to time constraint and due to the fact that I am already full that morning.

First stop:

Le Toile Cafe, Bar and  Restaurant at Owen Road

This is the farthest from the three so I went here first to have breakfast.  I love the exterior as it is white and clean and one of the reasons why it stands out from the rest of the stores nearby. I was a bit surprised as it has been renovated (?) or some parts have been changed because the photos from the internet was not like this.

I was the only customer at the time at least on the first floor so I really enjoyed hanging out on this cafe

le toile cafe My big breakfast. I wasn’t able to finish this though but I super love my salad on the side: Omelette 17.60 SGD with SC

Second stop:

Old hen coffee bar at Rangoon Road

Being a caffeine lover, I ditched ordering the usual hot brewed or frappuccino-like coffee and set my eyes for the cafe’s famous cold brew in white or black. I am still sleepy from the previous day’s happenings so I needed something with a much stronger kick so I chose the black one. It’s way too bitter for my taste but I really enjoyed drinking it. I stayed here for a few minutes and drank the cold coffee until the last drop. hehe so geewd

old hen coffee barIndustrial and minimalist interior which I really dig

old hen coffee barMagazines to read also where the cashier is. Choices from the meny are limited though

cold brew coffee Must try Cold brew coffee in smooth black 6.00 SGD 

Third and final stop:

Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road

Few walks away from Old Hen is the vintage looking Brunches. It’s so pretty and #instaworthy if I may say. They even have a mini cooper turned dining table! Sadly I wasn’t able to take a photo of it as the seat was taken. My tummy has no space left for another round of breakfast and I feel so bloated so I wanted to try something sweet instead, so I ordered a cinnamon roll. I stayed here until it’s time for check out in our hostel which is at 11am.

brunches cafe singapore

Small cinnamon roll 4.10 SGD with service charge

That’s about it for today!

Have you been to any cafes in Singapore? How was it? Any other recommendations to try and visit? Please comment below! 😉


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