turning twenty eight sunniesandstyleuniqlo pants parisian bagsunniesandstylesunniesandstyle style blogYes, another circle around the sun for this girl. Honestly, I am not really a birthday person. I try not to make a big deal out of it or plan months way before ‘that day’ like what others do. I used to be very enthusiastic when I was a kid but then as I grew older, I start to realize the simple it is, the better. The more intimate it is, the more special it will be. I’d rather travel than host a big party or something like that.

Two weeks ago, I had a birthday salubong with friends-turned-family at a bar-resto somewhere in the metro. I was so eager to go on a vacay and be out of the country this year, but then again, #adulting needs to go first so yeah, I was stuck in the Philippines but I don’t regret it. Thanks to those crazies for making my day extra special and to all the birthday greeting on my FB wall and personal messages also, I received 3 cakes! 😉

I do not know if it comes with the fact that I am really a part of the late twenties club but I think it’s true that when you hit a certain age, you get to accept that there’s more to life than just receiving material gifts. You pray and expect for intangible things, want something more, get to appreciate the gift of life and those people around you who remained with you after all this time, furthermore you get to look back at what happened the past year and what have you done? Every year has always been a reflection.

Being 27 was quite a ride. I think I did a pretty job  hustlin’ and adultin’ (making investments, able to pursue one of dreams, be single, merry and not worrying about getting married and having kids! ha!) It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

I feel different after turning twenty eight though. Different in a sense that even though I’ve accomplished some of the things that my teenage self wouldn’t imagine being able to do or achieve at this age, there’s still more to do and to work hard for and I am ready.

For now, let me just be grateful. Grateful for the year that was and grateful for the year that’s about to come.

Here’s to never looking a year older!

It’s official, I am 28 and I am loving it.

PS: I did a vlog for my birthday salubong! Watch out for it on my Youtube Channel!

Wearing: Parisian Bag and Flats | RUBI Sunglasses | Uniqlo draped pants | Top from Bazaar 

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