This Black Friday, redesign your windows & dress them up with beautiful curtains offered by Imperial Rooms on Black Friday curtains sale.

Curtains have both functional and decorative advantages in the home. Practical advantages include lighting control, heat and cold ventilation, night-time privacy, and outdoor dust security. 

Drapes have a significant influence on the house’s overall style. It can describe a room’s overall pattern and atmosphere, and that is why finding the perfect curtain for your space is crucial.

Here is Imperial Room is offering;

Features of Imperial Room’s Curtains

Following are the features offered by Imperial Room’s Curtains

  • They add an elegance shine & sophisticated texture to our windows complementing the whole setup as well. 
  • Block light to help you create a night like ambience to sleep comfortably during the day. 
  • Easy installation & fully lined. 
  • Easy to care for 
  • Improve insulation properties & make help to save the energy. 

What do we have?

We offer the following categories:

Blackout, energy saving, thermal, & Room Darkening curtains: Our black Friday Curtain sales & deals include an exclusive range of Blackout, energy saving, thermal, & Room Darkening curtains. These will help you create a blackout & control the amount of light, noise, as well as other external factors. 

Semi Sheer: These are meant to add a delicate & sophisticated touch to your windows & make them appear more beautiful than ever. 

Jacquard: If you need something to dress up your windows for a formal occasion like a wedding or anniversary day, our entire range of jacquard curtains along with matching bedding & cushions sets are a must-have. 

Crushed Velvet: To add a royal elegance or mysterious touch, our crushed velvet curtains in dark & bright shades are the best choice. 

What size curtains are we offering on Black Friday curtains sale?

We have 14 different sized curtains in our stock & for your surprise, our entire stock is going to be on sale this black Friday. See below to find out what size we are offering;

6cm x 6cm, 45cm x 45cm, 46″ x 54”, 46″ x 72″, 46″ x 90″, 54″x54”, 54″ x 72″, 54″ x 90″, 66″ x 54″, 66″ X 72″, 66″ x 84″, 66″ x 90″, 90″ x 54″, 90″ x 72”, 90″ x 90″, and 90″ x 108″. 

What styles are included in our Black Friday Curtain Sales?

Imperial Rooms offers the panels & draperies in eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, & grommet styles.

What is included in each curtain set?

Each curtains set includes two panels & two matching tiebacks.

Ending note 

Curtains give landholders multiple advantages. The most important are the values they add to the rest of the interior. You should go ahead to visit a retailer of curtains now that you are aware of the advantages of curtains and how to pick them. Imperial Rooms  recognize the needs of window treatments & know how they increase the appearance of the place. 

Therefore, if you have been planning to buy new window drapes for your place, it is worth visiting Imperial Rooms this Black Friday.

Happy Shopping! 

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