I’ve been wanting to go to Malaysia after my SG trip last year. When I found out that I’ll be going back to Singapore last May, I made sure I’d allot one day to explore Johor Bahru, Malaysia and check out the cafes and restaurants nearby.

You can cross borders from SG to MY by bus or a private vehicle. From Farrer park, we went to Yishun station and rode the purple bus going to Woodlands check point. Going to JB would take about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic and from the point of origin.There were many delays that resulted to so many mishaps such as finding the purple bus loading area. We made a mistake on waiting for it on the other side of the MRT station for 30 minutes or so when in fact we should turned left from the ground floor of the train station to avenue 5 and walked towards this:


Which brings us to almost an hour of travel time. Getting out of SG was quite a breeze but  passing the immigration on JB check point was another topic. It took us 3 freaking hours waiting in long queue plus it’s a Saturday so, expect the surge of people from Singapore to Malaysia.

Tip: Do not go there on weekends or better yet, leave super early to avoid long lines.

All plans within the day went down the drain as we stepped out of the check point to City square mall at around 3:30 pm. We were too tired to even move and I was kind of regretting I even pushed through with this trip but somehow my bro and I are excited to visit another country as this was our first time so hell yeah whatever it takes. I would just like to commend my bro for being patient and keeping his cool the whole time.

salahuddin bakery johor bahruSalahuddin bakery was already closed when we got there

chicken chop at IT roo cafeBiggest chicken chop! 30 MYR for two platesroost caferoost cafe johor bahruThese bookshelves are #goalsroost cafe yogurt johor bahruYogurts 19.80 MYR for both

I had a whole day planned like this. Salahuddin bakery for bread – breakfast/coffee at The replacement lodge – lunch at IT Roo Cafe – dessert at Roost – check out  Bev-C and try the coffee cubes  and then go to chaiwalla & co. for their thai milk tea then finish the day off with some banana cakes from Hiap Joo.

chaiwalla and co johor bahrureplacement lodge, johor bahru

That’s the original plan, but the reality would be late lunch at IT Roo cafe – yogurt at Roost – check out Bev-C – passed through Chiawalla & Co and Hiap Joo (the queue is long so we didn’t want to wait another 30 min or so) – City Square mall hopping and buying coffee buns and some cookies from Rotiboy (12.20 MYR) 

I think we just spent 70 MYR in total except transportation from Farrer park to Woodlands checkpoint and back.

I recommend going to Yishun station as early as 7am so that you will still get to do more things and enjoy the whole trip.

We stayed in JB for about 3 hours before finally calling it a day and went back to check point which was a breeze but we had to wait an hour at Woodlands immigration.

red house, johor bahru

I’d love to go back and spent at least 2 days here but until then, I hope you enjoyed the photos and my ramblings! Have a great day you guys! x

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