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Travelling is one addiction I know I will never try to get rid off no matter what happens. Every time I get back from a one-week long or 3 day trip, each place I have been to always left me with realisations about travel per se, myself and the people you’re with during that time. I have been planning trips for almost 7 years now; from celebrating my birthday at the beach to my first out of the country experience and with that I try to learn something new and travel with different kinds of people for every journey and it’s something I would cherish forever. That being said,  today I am going to share some lessons/realisations I learned while travelling. This might be the same or different from you or from others, either way I think we all have stories and experiences to tell and here are mine:

  1. Manage your expectations – Don’t expect that you’d be able to visit all the places on your checklist. If you manage to do so, then congratulations! But there are times when you won’t be able to squeeze everything in like one day. Choose the ones that you’re dying to go to and make it a priority.
  2. Trust google maps but still prepare to get lost – Thanks to technology that is google maps! Seriously, this one is heaven sent 😉 Thanks Google peeps! While having this map would help you find your way to that pretty boutique you saw on instagram, there would be instances you would still get lost and it would take up so much of your time pushing you to give up, but No! or just by looking at the map won’t tell if it’s super near or not, sometimes you have to walk 1-2km. You better be prepared.
  3. Get ready for surprises – Smiling ear to ear when you already see the street of the restaurant you’re excited to eat to only to know it’s closed for renovation really sucks big time! But then again, you have to always have a plan B or C just in case.
  4. Getting lost and getting found is actually a good thing – You know that time when you’re pissed off after realising that you’re lost in a country you’re not familiar with and with an empty battery, you have to navigate the place only to find out something special is beyond major.
  5. Once you’re infected with travel bug, you’ll never stay put. – You’ll be hungry for more and as long as you have the day with you, you’ll never stop even though that feet is uber sore and tired from a walking.
  6. Travelling is one of the best investments – Stepping in your favourite city for the first time, creating memories, be one with the locals, immerse with the culture are few of the things that are worth experiencing for. Memories are indispensable. Sure, you’re going to spend money but everything will be worth it.
  7. Travelling can change you – For me it is in a good way. Your patience will be tested, your stamina, your social skills and your courage will be challenged but you will grow as a person, as a human being. For every trip I have gone to, whenever I leave, a piece of my heart will be left there.

How about you, do you have some realisations or lessons learned while travelling that’s not on my list? Share and comment below! x


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