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Well, this particular post is intended if you’d like to buy from an IG seller. Technology has given opportunity to those small businesses to start up their own online stores and while  it requires a lot of money in setting up a website (annual hosting, domain registration, site security and what nots), many have found their haven in what we know and is a staple in everyone’s smartphone, as Instagram.

I’ve been online shopping for a few years now, do not get me wrong, I still find going to the mall and trying out the clothes and shoes more practical. But since some of the stuff that I want, I find in these IG sellers and they can be quite cheaper than the retail stores offer.

Today, I am going to share with 3 useful tips to do (a must!) before you decide on buying a certain item and verify if the seller is legit or not.

Research, research, and research first

Yes, I know the bag is cute or you think that the top would be a perfect fit for your body and all that. When we see something that will immediately caught our eyes and would make us swoon. Let me stop you right there. You have to do the research thing-y. First up, READ REVIEWS.  Search for blog reviews or go to the IG sellers comment section and check out the customer’s feedbacks. Some online stores have also Facebook page so make sure you find time to visit it also. You may also visit the hashtags of the particular store and what the dress, top, or jeans look like when worn.

Know the HOW TO’s

Some buyers or potential customers need to do after researching is to look for the FAQs, How to contact the seller, Terms and conditions, Mode of Payment, Pricelist, Available on hand or OOS list, shipping and delivery etc.

Many online stores have all these in just one separate account. Lots of sellers have their own strategies to answer the basic questions so make sure you go through their account to find this.

Contact the seller

Last but not the least, contact the seller if you still have questions after you’ve read the FAQs. What’s the measurement of a particular size?,  what’s the fabric used? Is the photo you posted just an inspiration or not? (I have experienced this before and was disappointed after receiving the item).

You have to be 100% sure if you will buy the product or not. Most of the online stores have no tolerance for bogus buyers/joy reservers. Keep that in mind.

There you have it!

Hope this 3 simple tips would help you when you finally decide to try online shopping on Instagram.

Do you have any additional tips too? If so then comment below!

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