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As a blogger or digital creative, we love mobile apps that we can use anytime, anywhere and help us with our productivity; either by working on a project or when you are running an online biz or service.

Staying organized, finishing a task, always on top of your game whatever online career you have, mobile apps make our lives easier.

I am sharing you the apps that I use and that has helped me with my work and I hope this will help you too!

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Here are 5  :


trello apps for digital creatives and bloggers

I love this online project management application. You can create boards, make a card under each, write a description, add comments, add a checklist and share it your team or even use on your own. You can attach files, set a due date and even move the cards to another board.

How to use it:

Depends on the work you have but if there are projects for the team or for yourself, this is helpful and easy to use. I personally use this for my content ideas and blog tasks for me and my team.


canva apps for digital creatives and bloggers

I love Photoshop, but it’s too technical for me so for those who are like me, Canva is the best option. It’s free! Though there are some limitations when you do not upgrade, it’s still great to use.

It’s very easy to make graphics because there are created templates that you can use/edit or get inspiration from so you can make your own. Plus, there are a lot of features: adding photos, grids, shapes, charts, illustrations.

It’s a no-BS graphic design tool site for bloggers, digital creatives, or even for brands.

Preview, Later, or Planoly 

planoly apps for digital creatives and bloggers

If you are a blogger, online entrepreneur, or digital creative chances are you have an Instagram where you share your services, products, or blog posts. These powerful scheduling tools are lifesavers. You can plan your content and schedule them without worrying about what to post on each day. All three are free to use (but there are limitations of course; you would need to upgrade for a fee to use other services). Among these three scheduling apps, Later is what I love the most. Your free account is entitled to have 30 free content to schedule per month.

You want to upgrade and pay if you want more content scheduled throughout the month.

Story Luxe or Unfold 

storyluxe apps for digital creatives and bloggers

Like it or not, if you use Instagram for your business or for your blog, you need to invest time in publishing a “story”. You can still do the snap add texts and post right away but if you want to be fancy and take your IG stories to the next level, then these two are your go-to apps.

It’s free and there are lots of free layouts but if you want more, then you may purchase for an affordable amount. – maybe include fees as well – screenshot of payment packages.

Flat Tomato or Flow Timer (Time management tools)

flowtimer apps for digital creatives and bloggers

As a blogger, online entrepreneur, or digital creative we tend to do a lot of tasks all at the same time and end up being unproductive or not doing anything at the end of the day.

Having a time management tool on your phone can help you with your productivity and help you manage your time wisely. I love time blocking; meaning you will allot a specific time for one task and once done, you proceed to the next one.

You will do a certain task for 25 minutes then work your arse off until it rings then you take a break. And then you will repeat another cycle until you’re done with your task. These two apps come in handle if you want to better manage your time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you already have these apps on your phone, that’s great! or if you have any apps you’re using aside from the ones listed above, please leave a comment below and share it with us. 😉

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