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I’ve been working from home for almost 5 years now. I love it and I feel grateful for it. I have flexible hours,  don’t get stuck on that annoying traffic,  can work anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE!), have fewer expenses, I can have as many clients as I want and just basically, do not have a ceiling on my earnings. This all sounds very good right? 

While working from home has its perks, we sure have our fair share of struggles. That’s why we call it work, right? Here are 10 Struggles of working from home and how to beat them.

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1. We forget to eat on time

Either you have a schedule for each client or has a flexible schedule. There are times we forget to eat because we cannot have a break just yet (answering to customer’s chats etc) this depends on the nature of your work of course. If we have a flexible schedule and we became too engrossed with work or there’s a deadline we need to finish, then we tend to sacrifice our break to a later time. This happens in a corporate setting too due to meetings and stuff but then since you are working alone at home there are no officemates to ask you t come with them for lunch.

How to beat it: Set a schedule or alarm and try to stick to it especially if you have flexible work time and if you do not have one, talk to your boss and see if you could arrange a scheduled break. Remember, skipping meals can have effects on your health.

2. Distractions

There are TV, phone (Netflix, YouTube) or any gadgets that might tempt us and eventually the work gets delayed which leads to procrastinating.

How to beat it: Put your phone away from your desk as much as possible. Don’t work in an area where there would be distractions.

3. We’re sleep deprived

We tend to get more clients and take in too many tasks leaving us up the whole day or whole night with only a few hours to sleep.

How to beat it: Try to squeeze in 20-minute nap during the afternoon. Set a time to sleep early so you will get at least 7 hours of sleep. Remember, if you can do it the next day, then leave it.

4. Overeating

While this can happen even if you are doing a regular office job, or anywhere else, being home and close to the kitchen can be a trap!!!

How to beat it: Have a water bottle on your desk. Hydration is important and sometimes we think we are hungry but we are just dehydrated. If you will eat, make you sure you have healthy snacks within your reach. 

5. Job Security

Not everyone working from home has a business so when our clients decide to pause your contract, close the company or lay off some contractors, we’re left with nothing.

How to beat it: Save, save, save! 9-5 job or online job set aside a portion of your earnings for the rainy days! It’s also good to come up with a side hustle or a business with passive income that will help with your savings for unforeseeable circumstances.

6. Hygiene and Wellness

This is oftentimes true when the schedule is way too early, we wake up a few minutes before our work totally forgetting how to take a shower or brush our teeth yet (gross, I know! But this happens!)

How to beat it: If you sleep early, you can wake up a few minutes before your work so you can start work fresh and clean. This should be in your daily routine.

7. Sleepy, Sluggish Feeling

You know it, we all feel this but working from home, in your room with your bed in sight, this can be a blessing and a curse. When we’re feeling down and under the weather, we always end up working in our beds. We will try to work because if we don’t, we’re not going to get paid.

How to beat it: Bed is for sleeping and for when you do not work. Make a small space in your house as your workspace area. Another that can help is to put on office clothes and put on that makeup! This will set the mood while working.

8. You are what? What is that?

When you meet friends, family or new people one of the first things they’ll ask is where do you work now? And this can be tricky! People older or even those our age do not know that there are such job opportunities outside the usual settings. Not that it’s an issue, it’s just too much to explain at times.

How to beat it: Explain by telling them your routine or tasks they might understand better. Even corporate jobs are sometimes too complicated to explain so whatever… The important things is you have a job 🙂 

9. Sedentary Lifestyle

Again, this is common with people working in offices, being glued to our work chair sometimes with little movement for the most part of the day. We all know this is bad for our health!

How to beat it: Move even for just 5 or 15 minutes. If you cannot work out (which you should!), do some stretching, walk around the house or better yet, include a 30-minute workout in your routine for the day! Remember, health is wealth!

Check this workout here

10. Building relationships

Since you work from home, your workmates are people you only get to interact through the internet! While your network is broad because they come from different parts of the world, building that bond is a lot difficult.

How to beat it: Schedule a meet up just to get to know your workmates. Make time to chat about non-work stuff.

Do you work from home? Are any of these struggles of working from home you’re experiencing at the moment? Share on the comments section below.

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